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Changing Lamps in the Living Room

I thought I would treat myself to a new lamp that I didn’t have to worry about being a fire hazard. I have a lot of vintage lamps I rewire, but I thought it would be nice to have something a bit modern to spice it up a little  and changing lamps in the living room.  It was amazing how just by changing the lamps out made each vignette look completely different.

Vintage inspired living room with clocks on the wall and botanical art

This is the lamp I have now. I think it’s pretty, but a bit fussy. It’s vintage  and feels a little fussy and the crystal gets lost in the corner with the dark shade. I picked up two from Homegoods to try out.

Vintage vignette decor with painted furniture and botanical art

Nice, but I think a bit blah. Maybe too modern? I like the shape, maybe it’s the shade?  It just doesn’t quite work. I am not sure if I should go for ceramic or glass as a base. Having the lamp on the book also makes it too tall.

Modern looking art in a vintage vignette

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one, all I need is a lava lamp and a black light. It’s way to modern and bright… I did like the shade pattern, but the colors are off.

Side table with a modern art and a side table

I still kind of dug the white one so I tried it somewhere else. No go.
So I am back to brave the mini-blizzard out here today for the sake of decorating. Hopefully I can find some other lamp choices for the living room. I would like to highlight the vintage feel while bringing in a lamp that’s a little more modern in style and color.

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