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Chair Makeover with Brown Velvet Cushion

As my style is changing, I need to find inexpensive ways to update what I already have. I had red as an accent color for ages, and now I find myself moving to more neutral colors. I decided to do a chair makeover with brown velvet for an easy update. Recovering a chair is so easy once you get the hang of it.

Living room with chair and cream dresser with flowers and clocks on the wall

This chair was a $25 yard sale purchase. It was one of two. The paisley came on it, but wasn’t my dream fabric and didn’t really go with much, and certainly not my new, beautiful Anthropologie curtains.

Cutting the legs off of a chair

They were also about 2 inches too tall since they were dining room chairs so I decided to cut them down a little. I measured and marked each chair to where I wanted to shorten them at. The blue painter’s tape helped me to see my cut lines better and make sure I cut them straight. I didn’t want the chair to be wobbly at all. I debated about painting them a creamy white, but I couldn’t decide, so I left them (for now). I did a staple and wrap job to recover the chairs.

Chair seat recovered in brown velvet

When I found this tawny brown fabric, I knew this was the one! I bought a few yards of the prettiest brown velvet. I thought these chairs were going to be an easy staple and wrap job, but oh no… they were a remove a million staples job first.

Chair reupholstered in brown velvet fabric with a green pillow

But my chair makeover with brown velvet  turned out so pretty! I added a damask gold and moss green pillow. I love how it goes so well with my curtains. Now I just need to tackle chair number 2~!

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