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Open Shelf Styling with Grocery Store Decor

I have a love-hate relationship with open shelving.  I love the look of open shelving, and how much it does away with the heaviness of a solid bank of cabinets, I always find they need to be restyled on a regular basis. While I do like changing them over between seasons, sometimes I don’t want to just put the same thing back up again, and I love creating a fresh new look every time. I wanted to share with you some open shelf styling with grocery store decor.

Open shelves styled from the grocery store

HP sauce for open shelving

And when I say grocery store decor, I literally mean non-perishable products from the grocery store shelves. One thing I noticed is that some brands, especially brands that are  from other countries have some amazing labels.My hubby’s family is from the U.K. and are big HP sauce fans. I love the way the bottles looked. I would have used them this time but they didn’t fit in my color scheme. Maybe in the spring.

Olive oil for open shelving

The best part is when you’re done you can actually use them. I don’t feel bad about changing them out on a regular basis if I know eventually I am going to use the item. And yes, I was that weirdo taking pictures at the store of random groceries. I am sure they thought I was crazy.

Open shelfies over the green buffet

Well I took some pictures of some things that are just at my regular old stupid grocery store, if you have an international grocery store near you, the labels are even more amazing and beautiful. Some of the artwork is so gorgeous and brands from outside of the country.

Open shleves styled with grocery store decor

For my open shelf sailing with grocery store decor I actually found some really cute cans of tomatoes (if you can say that’s a thing.). I added them next to a glass vase full of beeswax candles which to me are works of art within themselves.

VIntage glasses and topo chico water on open shelving

I also use some Topo Chico bottled water (which is the best bubbly water to mix with gin IMO.) which I’ve always loved the look of, and in the coffee section, I found these little cute jars of instant coffee.

Styling open shelves with nonperishable groceries like these cute jars of instant coffee

By using cookbooks and turning them around , I was able to give different heights to some of the items on my shelves.

Using vintage art to style open shelves

One thing I styled my open shelves with this time is vintage artwork. I have a thing for vintage oil paintings and prints, I have them all over my house. I love using them in all kinds of ways. The art I went with this time was all things related to food and drink. I had some great abstract apples canvas, a still life with apples and branches, and a really pretty oil painting of peaches in a bowl. I also added my own cut paper still life to the lower part of the cabinet. You can see this post how to make this project here.

Styling open shelves with vintage art

 As well as the Open Shelf Styling with Grocery Store Decor also gave the rest of my kitchen a deep clean, and I have a few more touches that I added to the rest of my kitchen I’m going to share with you as well.

How to Style open shelves from the grocery store