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Summer Kitchen and DIY Cut Paper Still Life Wall Art

Summer is here, and I am so happy! It’s finally warm enough to sit outside, and bring in flowers from the yard like lilacs! It’s a good time to make small decor changes. Am I the only one who likes to add new art to their walls with each season? I wanted to add a new piece of art above my sub-level stairway. I always feel like it’s an area I look at everyday, and a beautiful piece of art should be hanging there.  I loved the idea of a still life painting of a bowl of oranges. Oranges seem so fun for summer, don’t they? I decided to try and use an mixed media art technique to make cut paper still life art.

Summer white kitchen and lilacs

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I loved doing this project, because it gave me the chance to play with paint, paper, and  decoupage medium. I really love decoupaging.  I used to decoupage furniture, glass and fabric and haven’t done it in a while. The one thing I did forget was how decoupage glue seems to stick to your fingers, and you’re peeling it off hours later.

Making a cut paper still life wall art of oranges in a bowl

If you want to make one of your own cut paper still life pieces of wall art, you can see the full instructions with templates on the DecoArt blog. You can even print and cut out the bowl!

White kitchen with Gold vintage lighting

I love how the cut paper still life wall art is the perfect piece for above the doorway.

Jennifer Rizzo's white kitchen and cut paper still life wall art

 I have all kinds of art around my kitchen, most of it from antique stores, or thrifted. I found the vintage brass number a few years ago. With 5 of us in this crazy house, it was perfect!

I also have a miniature oil painting I bought years ago. It’s a great little piece of art for a skinny wall.

Cut paper still life wall art and white kitchen

I love my cut paper art above the door, but  a part of me wants to use one of those Command hooks to hang it in the area over my oven. I feel like that’s a blank slate, and could use some art. What do you think?

Lilacs and a metal candle

It’s really a versatile project. You could easily make one with lemons or pears as well.

If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy a canvas and pillow version of it in my Society 6 shop, or even a serving tray.

If you love this art technique, you also might like String Pull Painting.




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