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Paint Pulled String Art Abstract Canvas

I recently discovered a brand new art technique that I am obsessed with! It’s called Paint Pulled String Art. It’s so easy, and the results are so pretty! It’s a great summer boredom project, and it’s perfect for kids and grown ups alike! I even have a video taking you start to finish so you can see how fun and easy it is!

Pulled string abstract art with paint

To make a a pulled string art abstract canvas with paint, you’ll need just a few simple supplies:

A flat paneled canvas, cotton string (like baker’s twine), a paint palette or even a paper plate,a paint brush, loose leaf paper, and paint.

Supplies for paint pulled string painting


I used DecoArt’s Extreme Sheen in Berry, Rose Quartz, Deep Sapphire, Jadite, and Americana Acrylics in Mermaid Tail.

You can watch the video here to see the entire project, start to finish, or hop farther down the post to see the step by step.


Dip paint in string to make string pulled art

 Start by cutting a length of string. It depends on how you want it to swirl on your canvas. Wrapping it around two fingers helps to wrangle the string before dipping in the paint.

Wrap string around fingers before placing in paint.

Dip almost the entire length in your paint, except where you are going to be grabbing it. Use a brush to make sure the string is completely coated. While you want the string coated in paint, it shouldn’t be clumpy or goopy.

Lay string on canvas, and place paper over the top

Lift your string and lay it in a random swirly pattern on your canvas, leaving a clean tail of the string over the end of the edge. Have fun, and experiment with different loops and swirls. Lay a piece of clean paper over the top and press slightly on the  paper with your palm. While keeping gentle pressure on the paper, with your other hand pull the string straight out until it is completely out from under the paper. Lift the paper off gently, and your art is revealed!

Place hand lightly on paper to hold it in place and pull string

If you don’t want your colors, or shapes to mix, let each paint pull dry slightly before adding the next string as you layer them.

Reveal pulled string art

I mixed the Extreme Sheen, and the regular Americana Acrylic paint to give some depth.

Add second and third colors to paint pulled abstract art

It’s such a fun technique, I almost couldn’t stop. The paper is almost as pretty as the actual art piece. It would be fun to play with for mixed media art, or another project. This is a fin and easy technique to give the  kids to do when they say they are bored this summer!

Make this DIY paint puled abstract string art so easy and fun!

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This post is sponsored by DecoArt, opinions are entirely my own.


String pulling with paint art technique abstract painting


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