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Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Party at Jeanne’s

My amazing friend, Jeanne, had this amazing party last weekend when I flew to see her in Colorado with my friends Traci and Tracey. She hosted a beautiful vintage-inspired party with  sangria and gorgeous appetizers. We sat on real furniture outside on the lawn and  watched the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on a screen under her pergola. I loved every minute and it was such a beautiful party and great start to the entire trip. I wanted to share a few of the sweetest details with you.
A card with the word party on it in a flower frog

It was such a beautiful event. The weather was just perfect and there were all of these wonderful little moments spread around that just made the evening so special.
Small bouquets of flowers placed in vintage glass vases

These little bouquets in vintage vases were so sweet and the perfect touch. They were so elegant as little  floral arrangements.

Votive lights hanging from trees

From tree branches around the seating area hung these little, glass candle holders. They glowed with candlelight from the votive candles inside as the sun went down and made the lighting so dreamy.

Table and chairs set outside for a party
I loved how we sat outside on real chairs and tales. My entire life so far has consisted of plastic folding chairs so this was such an experience for me.  I felt so fancy.


Not only were there real tables and chairs, bit gorgeous tablecloths on  top of them. In the background there were super fun paper doilies that looked so pretty in the wind.


Party of women

Even thought there were people that I didn’t know there, we all quickly became friends.  The entire environment was so friendly and we were all there to laugh and connect.

An appetizer spread on a table
The appetizers were perfect for nibbling and displayed so beautifully, and the deserts were the sweetest of bites. I could’ve been greedy and eaten them all. It was such a beautiful vintage-inspired party I was honored to attend.


Desert bites on a cake stand

The sangria was so amazing. It was so cute how it was served out of a galvanized tub into mason jars. I love the idea of using mason jars as drinking glasses!

Sangria in a tub with mason jars

It was such a fun night. There were even strawberries and marshmallows for roasting.

Strawberries and marshmallows for roasting

We had an amazing evening and Jeanne is a beautiful host.

Jeanne Oliver and Mel
 Mel and Jeanne
Traci sitting in a chair outside
Candle glow in the trees
I am so honored I was able to attend such a gorgeous event and a beautiful party!

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  1. Can’t believe that was a week ago!!! I loved, loved, loved having you here!!! Wish we were all closer….but being far away makes me appreciate all of you even more.

  2. All of it is beautiful and looked like so much fun!! I was so sad my plans had to change and I wasn’t able to be there. 🙁 I had no idea Traci and you were going to be there too…it would have been so great to talk with you both in person! So glad you all had a great time. Jeanne made it all very special!

    Hugs and love,

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