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Antler and flower stenciled tea towels

I thought it would be kind of fun to re-use the antler stencil from my Christmas stencil line for a spring project.

I decided to make an antler and flower stenciled tea towels using that one and another pretty stencil from Royal Design Company Studio Stencils.

I loved the antler stencil last Christmas. I ended up using it a ton!

 I actually made a few different patterned towels only using those two different stencils. I had played  a bit with the designs at the holidays.

Right now, I only used two colors of paint, but I think I am going to play with using more and making even brighter towels and pillow covers.

This is such an easy project too!

After I washed the towel to remove any sizing, I dried and ironed them.

ONly use part of  a larger stencil for impact

I stenciled the antlers on and then I isolated smaller parts of the stencil to make flowers.

Never be afraid to play with a stencil and use smaller motifs that make up a bigger design!

On another towel, I taped off a bigger flower pattern to put in the middle of the antlers.

Using painters tape is a great wy to isolate a stencil part

Painter’s tape works pretty awesome for that. Then you can make sure it’s not going to bleed around your design.

Then, I went back and used smaller flowers from the same stencil.

Antler and flower towel

 On a couple of the towels, I use the lace stencil as a background first with a lighter shade.

Pretty antler stneicl for spring and DIY towel

Then I went over it with the flowers.

Easy Tea towel  DIY with layered stencils

I love how pretty these turned out!

I actually used chalk paint mixed with fabric medium for these, but you could also use any kind of fabric paint. I might put a couple of these towels in my designer show house room.

If you’re interested in the antler stencils you can find them here.

And the lace stencil you can find here.

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