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Repurposed glass lamp shade into DIY terrarium cloche

I’ve been scouring the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for goodies for the design house. In the lighting section I came across some of those old lead glass pendant lights that were so popular in the 60’s-80’s.  The earlier ones are brass, then they became a bright gold, and if you were really lucky, they had a stained glass look. At one time, everyone of my friend’s parent’s had a version hanging over the kitchen table.

Something about this one caught my eye. And, I thought it might have a second life other than an ugly lamp.

I liked that the sections between the glass are real brass and the glass is  a leaded cut glass. And the geometric shape is actually very current.

The entire thing had a beautiful patina, so for $12 I decided to bring it home with me and  give it a bit of  a makeover into a DIY terrarium cloche.

Fun upcycle idea. Repurpose a vintage ceiling fixture into a DIY terrarium cloche

I grabbed a few nuts and washers to the hole in the top where the electric would normally go through,and added an extra knob I had.

Add a drawer pull to a vintage shade from a pendant kitchen light

It really looks lovely with it’s age, and a bit modern with it’s geometric look and brass finish. I look that there is something old and new about it at the same time.

Patina on a vintage glass and brass lamp shade

I even like that there is old paint speckles on the glass and metal.

Take a vintage glass and metal pendant light and upcycle it into a terrarium or cloche

I put my little Walmart fern and the kids’ geode underneath for display.

vintage lamp shade turned into a terrarium cloche

I think it’s kind of fun and different too. I am going to be on the hunt for more now that I know what potential they have!

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