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How to make a fun Valentines day craft project with paper clay!

How cute are these giant clay conversation hearts for a fun Valentines day craft project??? I love that they are as big as my hand. I would love to make some bigger if I could find a big cookie cutter.
Fun clay Valentines Day craft from paper clay inspired by vintage Converation hearts
These would be great to make now as they take a few days and put out for the big
Luh-hove day ( I suddenly hear strange 70’s style music playing… hhhmmm…….).
or give to your Valentine. These would be easy and fun for the kids to do too.

Use paper clay to make this fun Valentines Day craft project inspired by conversation heart candy!

They are so easy to make too,
These are about as big as the palm of my hand.
It’s as easy as rolling Paperclay out till it’s about 1/4 inch thick ( I love Paperclay, it can be pricy, but I always buy it with a 40% of coupon at the Hob Lob.My kids really love it.).
Cut out with a heart cookie cutter.
Stamp messages on with rubber letter stamps (Hint: dip your stamp in a bit of water first. A damp stamp works much better!).
If you mess up, just wet your finger and re-blend it.
Let dry.
You could even put magnets on the back to stick on the fridge, or hangers in the top  to hang them.
Too sweet for a Valentines day craft porject for you and the kiddos! 😉
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