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Teaching a Stencil Workshop at FaveCrafts

I was recently asked by DecoArt to lead a stenciling  workshop at the FaveCrafts Prime Publishers Conference. I had so much fun being able to lead 25 bloggers from all over through creating a fun stencil workshop sign project with new DecoArt stencils, and the newest paint lines and trendy colors, such as Extreme Sheen, and Galaxy Glitter. It was such an honor to be able to speak and create with  such a talented group of people! I thought I would share just a few pictures of the event with you. You can actually see the entire video of the event on the FaveCrafts Facebook page. I’ll post it at the end for you.

Jennifer Rizzo with DecoArt at the Prime Publishers Conference at Favecrafts

Photo by Creatively Beth from IG

It was so much fun! Even though I love speaking in front of a crowd, I always get nervous, and feel like I either talk too fast, say uuumm… 500 times, or do both. Everyone made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and the time went so fast! It helped that it was fun. You know me, I love a good stencil project!

They came in and were able to choose their stencils, and paint colors to make a custom sign.

Bloggers at The Prime publishers conference

I loved how even though many of the bloggers had different creative backgrounds (cooking, fiber art, etc.), everyone dove in and started creating.

Make and take by DecoArt and Walnut Hollow

We used nice wood sign surfaces by Walnut Hollow for our stencil workshop. They are super versatile!

Making stencil examples

One trick about stenciling, if you didn’t already know it: Forget about a stencil brush! Use a cosmetic sponge. There is so much less bleeding underneath!

Use a cosmetic sponge for stencils instead of a stencil brush

I wish I had known about that trick years ago. I cannot tell you that how much time I’ve spent touching up under stencils when I had make up sponges sitting in my drawers all of these years!

The most flattering thing was after the video, some one messaged me and asked me if I ever teach out of state. That was a pretty  flattering thing to be asked! Who knows, maybe I’ll have to start traveling and teaching!


this post is not sponsored, it is my own experience at the conference.