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Adding Beadboard Wallboard for a Cottagecore Look

I know I mentioned how paint traumatized this little house has been in the past, but she needed  something bright and fresh, more fitting to her cottage potential like adding beadboard. The living room and kitchen are no exception.The rooms are actually a pretty good size, they are bigger than in our home, but the cozy room just seemed cramped and cave-like with the dark colors previously there. And, I thought the room needed some texture to add interest.
Before adding beadboard and paint to make an updated farmhouse style.

  You might notice bare spots on the other wall in the kitchen, we decided to reconfigure the existing upper cabinets by moving the cabinets that are already there. The sink and stove will keep their same spots so we don’t have to change plumbing or gas, but all of the rest of them are getting a relocation (That will be a another post.). For now, I am really excited to show you how it looks now that the beadboard is up!

Adding beadboard wallboard can completely change the look of a room

 It is like a completely different place!  It’s amazing hoe something so simple like adding some texture and fresh paint to a wall can make everything so different!
Covering a wall with beadboard wallpaper
Plus, once we reduced the opening with the french doors,and trimmed it out, it looks amazing with adding beadboard! If you feel a little leery of adding beadbaord wallboard, (affiliate link) this Beadboard Wallpaper from Amazon is an easier commitment. I always love the transformation that happens with a fresh coat of paint, and architectural accents.
Painted living room after adding beadboard to wall for texture and a casual feel
It is so exciting to see her come back to life!!! It’s so bright and fresh and clean looking. I love being here and letting the sun stream in.
Farmhouse living room with beadboard wallpaper
Transform a wall with beadboard

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  1. Jen, it’s beautiful! Could you share exactly what you used to cover the wall… your title says “wallboard”… wondering how thick and how heavy it is… can you tell I’ve got a project in mind? Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

  2. You have done an amazing amount of work and it’s looking beautiful! (P.S. Thanks for the tips about the hammered spray paint… finally used it on our door hardware!)

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