The Oak house project…Kitchen progress,painted cabinets and lighting….

Happy Monday!
We’ve finally made some kitchen progress at the Oak House. The cabinets have been painted (Thanks Kim!), the trim nailed up, some pulls added, and the lighting is installed!
I’ve been jokingly calling it Frankenkitchen, because it’s all be put together by moving the existing cabinets and adding a few we found at the Restore. By doing that, the kitchen cabinet cost so far has only been about $150. $75 for the two cabinets we found at the Restore, $10 worth of trim, and the cabinet pulls which again I paid $1 each at the Restore. The paint which was the most expensive thing. It’s been a lot of labor on our end but, I am so happy with how it has been turing out!
Here is the before with all of our mis-matched cabinets put together:
Using mismatched cabinets to paint
 Here they are painted with the same cabinets! I knew I wanted to make the dark cabinet into open shelving since the door styles didn’t match as well.
Transforming kitchen cabinets with paint!!!
Can you believe it’s the same kitchen?! All because of magic in a can! Paint!
 I painted the wall a color two shades greyer so it looks restful, but cohesive.
Chandelier in the Oak house project!
 Here is the new kitchen  lighting! You can also see the fresh trim installed around my French door room divider. That’s almost finished and I am going to be showing you that soon too!
The quoizel laila chandelier by lampsplus
The Quoizel Laila chandelier by Lampsplus
 Doesn’t it looks amazing against the freshly painted cabinets? It’s so exciting to finally have it up!
I wish it was going in my own house! It’s so pretty in person!
We have this week to really bust things out. Our goal is still to get it on the market in the next few weeks. I joked to my Mom that this house is more updated than ours at this point!
I’ll keep you updated all week as we make more progress!!

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  1. You are amazing…how many kids do you have home on summer vacation? Makes me itchy to paint something myself. It looks great, and I can’t imagine all the work. Beautiful job Jen. Love, Penny

  2. Wow. Stunning! The cabinets are awesome. What color/brand paint did you use on the cabinets and walls? I would love to know. Please? Thank You!

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