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Try that on for size….Candle hack

You know how sometimes you just need a shorter candle and can’t find one?

DIY candle hack

I have a great candle hack for you. You can even turn two candles into one this way!

I always struggle finding the right height of candle when I wants to stagger them. This was the perfect solution.

I wanted to show you this clamped in the garage on our work bench in our table top vice,but it was too dark out there for pictures.

So I used a hack saw to cut the bottom off of my candle to the right height!

I recommend clamping your candle to a steady surface and then keeping your hands out of the way! Mrs. safety says always use proper safety precautions when working with tools! 🙂
Great candle hack to get different heights of candlesNeed  a shorter candle?

Found one!  😉
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