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A 2 Chair Makeover with Paint and Scrapbook Paper

I think the wonderful thing about blogland is making all kinds of new friends. One of my newest bloggy friends is Amy from The Maisy Report. She actually lives kind of near me and I went to her garage sale the other day. She was kind enough (being the good bloggy friend she is!) to sell me these amazing vintage chairs for a steal! It was a great time for a chair makeover with paint and scrapbook paper.

two gold chairs with no seats 2 lost and lonely chairs painted gold in the 1970’s  was right up my alley. Amy had already done the hard work too and stripped the old fabric off (Isn’t she the best????). All they needed was a coat of white paint and a brand new look.  I had some pretty twill farbic that I thought would be the perfect seat cushion cover to reupholster them in.

Painted chair with decoupaged paper on the seat back

Each one got it’s own bit of  a butterfly print from pretty scrapbook paper  and a reupholstered chair seat. Check out this post on how to decoupage furniture with scrapbook paper.

A chair back with decoupaged butterfly scrapbook paper

I love how much prettier they look! Painting the frame alone was such a huge improvement from before on the chair makeover with paint and scrapbook paper. Even though painting chairs like this can take a long time by hand, it’s so much faster with a paint sprayer. I even ended up adding a little glaze over the white paint to give it a vintage look.

Which reminds me..As you may know, I have a passion  for botanical and insect prints. It’s one of my art mediums…. so if you are like me and love vintage botanical images, you can find some very similar to this over at the Graphics Fairy.

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