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Wax Book Page Craft

If you love a creative book page craft, that has a spooky feel, this is a fun and easy project that uses a paraffin foot bath and the wax that goes with it. When I styled my products for the Nada Farm show, I wanted to add a cool look to add with the vintage typewriter. I had a vintage book that fell a part and an old paraffin foot bath and I thought that a Wax Book Page Craft might be in order.

Vintage typewriter and waxed book page crafts for displasy

The book pages with wax on them look really cool. With the underlying black text and yellowed pages, they have almost a luminescent quality to them, and I loved that while the wax was still soft, the book pages could be bent to stay in a certain position.

Wax book page craft and vintage typewriter and clock

To create the waxed book pages, I used fresh wax and put it on low so I wouldn’t burn myself and spread out some cardboard to rest the pages on to dry, Then I dipped them slowly. After I pulled them out, I let the wax harden slightly then I laid them out to dry. By propping them on cardboard rolls and wadded paper you can shape them. Use the same care you would use if you were dipping your feet in the bath and keep the wax just at melting temperature so it’s only warm and not hot enough to burn your skin. You can also use extra care and hold the page with clips so your skin never touches the warm wax.

They turned out pretty cool for an experiment. This is such a fun way to re-imagine book pages, and what to do with them. I know paraffin is flammable so you have to make sure to keep them away from flame, but I just loved the glossy texture of them and am planning in using them for other crafts as well.

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  1. What a unique idea! I think these could fit into decor all year round. I especially like the ones that you shaped and curled.

  2. Jennifer- Really fun idea, toots! Only I would think that the wax looks like glazed sugar icing on a giant cookie! I always have food on the brain, apparently…..
    I need to catch up with you. I haven’t visited since before I went to Florida.
    ~ Sue

  3. Pretty darn cool my creative little friend!!! You always amaze me! Are you coming with Traci and I on Sat?? Are you still alive over there?? Miss ya, but I know you are busy…

    Can’t wait to see the whole redo!

    Hugs ~

    πŸ™‚ T

  4. i am going to do this. but what i do is use the low setting on a crock pot i got at gw. dip pine cones and roll them in that granular stuff that makes colored flames and use for fire starters.so use all my old candle ends and the aparafin.

  5. Yes you know you can wax your legs too πŸ™‚ Just made me giggle. My friend Frances came back with a glowing report of Anne Maries sale..she said you were just so nice and loved everything ! Sorry I couldn’t make it but it’s a long story. Bottom line..Mac needed me.
    Take care and hope to see you soon

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