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Wood crate play stove

As part of the DecoArt challenge this month, I took on the task of kids summer fun. One things my kids love to do, especially my youngest, is craft. This wood crate play stove was such a  great way to have fun making something she could play with too. Even though she’s getting older, I love that she will still dive into playing pretend with her dolls. I know that she’s almost at the age where she is going to start transitioning out of it, I want to keep her playing while I can. She was a great sport and helped me with the challenge this month (In fact, she did most of the work!).

DIY crate craft

We had an old crate that was already painted, but I let her raid my DecoArt paint stash, and pick whatever colors she wanted for the project.

Besides the crate, we used two medium wood rounds, and two smaller wood rounds for the “burners” and some small craft rounds for the “knobs” and tacky glue.

Supplies for a DIY crate play stove

My kids always think it’s fun to dig around in my art supplies, sometimes even without asking. This time permission granted!

Painting DIY crate stove

She picked a pretty blue color in the Americana Chalky paint for the stove part. For once, it was kind of nice to watch someone else work, and just take pictures. We painted the wood rounds for the burners and knobs black and let those dry.

Adding glue to wood rounds fo DIY crate stove

Once the crate and rounds were dry, we used the non-toxic tacky glue to adhere them.

Placing play stove burners on wood crate DIY play stove

Gluing knobs onto wood crate play stove

My Little is too old for me to worry about her  swallowing small things. If you have a child who’s younger, or smaller kids who might pop one of those smaller rounds in their mouths if they fall off,  you can leave them off, and just paint circles on with black paint for knobs.

Painting design on play stove knobs

Painting on burners

This is what I love about the freedom of childhood. She had no qualms about making two of her burners smiley faces. As an adult I would have had to paint them as close to realistic as I could. Nope, not her. I love that.

FInished DIY play stove

Once it was dry, the wood crate  play stove was ready for play! We took it outside and threw some blankets on the grass. Of course I asked her if I could take some pictures while she played with it. She just shrugged her shoulders and said “ok”. It was hard not to take too many.

Playing in yard with play stove

She sat right down with her dolls and started whipping up delicious wood and plastic food.

Playing with DIY play stove

Playtime wth  DIY crate play stove

DIY wood crate play stove for summer fun

The best part about the  play stove, is that when she’s done playing, she can flip it over and carry/store everything inside. Now don’t get me wrong, I said she can. Most likely when she’s done playing, she’s remember to bring her dolls in, and then leave the rest outside to get rained on, or let the lawn mower roll over it.

DIY play stove in crate for easy carrying and storage


I think the best thing about this project is that is something substantial she could make herself, and then use. It kept her busy for an hour or two making it, and then more time playing with it outside!

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  1. Love this! I also love that it is used to store all the play food. My granddaughters would love to try this. Tell your daughter she did an awesome job.

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