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Our cleaner air with Air Duct cleaning

I am not going to lie. When you decide  to open a retail store, there are a lot of unforeseen things that pop up. Even though we have a fabulous building, the air ducts were really gross. We needed Air Duct cleaning stat. We are pretty sure that they hadn’t ever been cleaned. The building was built in 1955-ish. After we took possession,we opened the top grate on one of the floor cold air returns and saw this:

Air ducts before cleaning

We both recoiled in horror… And that was what we could see. When we pushed our phones down there and snapped pictures… it was worse. Much worse.

Air dicts before cleaning

We were going to have to be in this space for a lot of hours. And we are going to have friends, customers, and our own families here too. One thing we knew we needed to get done was to have them completely cleaned out. I believe air quality is everything. We did it in our own home after  the kitchen construction a few years ago, and I think it’s one of the best things we’ve done.


Air Ducts done right in Darien ILWe partnered with Air Ducts Done Right Inc. in Darien, Il., and thought we would share a bit of the process of having the duct work cleaned, and the befores and afters. After seeing the difference, I can’t imagine breathing that air in all day if we hadn’t. 70 years of dust and gunk is pretty gross. The pictures were pretty astounding,even in the ducts that were merely “dusty”.

The set up for air duct cleaning for Air ducts Done right

The two guys who showed up in the truck were really kind and courteous. It took them about an hour to prep everything including setting up the machine. They explained the process every step of the way, and took time out to answer any questions we had.

Cleaning top of vent

The process started by cleaning the outside of each vent. They blew the dust and grossness into the duct from the vent opening. Once they had finished a vent , they would tape it off, and move to the next, including the registers and returns. We are almost 1600 square feet. There are a lot of vents.

Spraying debis into air dcuts for cleaning

Sprating into ducts to clean vents

Cleaning air vents and registers

Once they finished everything from the top side, we could hear them cleaning it from underneath the duct work in the basement. I know it’s not right when you hear things moving in your ducts, but there was so much dust and debris, it was like someone was rolling marbles through them. They said it looked like anyone who had ever done construction in our store had just swept the debris into the floor vent on top of normal dust. Nice.

It took about 4-5 hours from start to finish. Afterwards, we looked in the vents and they were crazy clean! Plus, he showed us pictures of the vents too.Are you ready for the grossness?

Air duct before cleaning

Air duct after cleaning

Even the duct that didn’t have weirdo stuff in it was still pretty nasty. They don’t even seem like the same ducts! I mean, look how the nails sticking out look like fuzzy sticks in the top before picture!

Dusty air duct before air duct cleaning

Air duct after cleaning


When they told me that the average home can gather up to 50 pounds of dust a year, and 30% of that is dead skin cells,  I thought about our 70 year old vents,I felt a little nauseous, and shuddered a bit.

Air duct after debris cleaning

I couldn’t believe the difference!

We are thrilled to have our air ducts and vents clean, working with them was such a great experience! I now want to do our own home.I think air duct cleaning in a home is something that is often overlooked. It’s been almost 6 years since we’ve last done it, and I hate that dusty,burning smell that happens when the furnace is flipped on for the first time every year in the fall.

If you decide to give them a call, make sure you mention that we sent you. We were so happy with everything they did, we would love to give them tons of business!!

You can also visit their Facebook page here.

This post is sponsored by Air Ducts Done Right. Opinions are all my own.







  1. Gosh, thanks for this post when I’m eating breakfast!!! Ugh! That is so disgusting and now they look new! You were so smart to have this done. It would have been awful to be in there as much as you will be, especially when the furnace and/or a/c is running and blowing that stuff into the air. Good move!

  2. Jen.
    Oh my gosh the process and pictures are a perfect example of why this should be on a homes or businesses maintenance list.
    Good Luck with the store too.
    Where is It?
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

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