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Wood slice cupcake stand

Happy autumn everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and this is by far a favorite time of the year for me, especially since I live in New England. It’s just such a cozy and rustic season with this wood slice cupcake stand!
DIY wood slice cupcake stand

And, since I love fall so much,
DIY cupcake stand


 I’m always looking for easy and inexpensive ways to add that homey feel to my décor.
Cute cupcake display
This project was so simple! Don’t be intimidated! Here’s all you need: two slices of food safe wood (one large and one smaller), a wooden pedestal, four wooden furniture buttons, heavy duty non-toxic wood glue, cutting board oil and a clean cloth to apply it with.
Start by apply the cutting board oil to all the wood surfaces, let it soak in well and remove any excess, as needed.
Next, glue the four wood buttons to the bottom of the larger slice of wood to act as feet for the cupcake stand.
Fun diy woodslice cupcake display
Then, add some glue to the top and bottom of the wood pedestal and position it on the center of the larger wood slice. Add the smaller slice of wood to the top of the pedestal and let thoroughly dry. (You can place a heavy book on top to weigh it down while drying. Also, use a damp cloth to remove any seeping glue).
See how easy this was! It is so cute for cupcakes and pumpkins!, but would also be adorable with small plants or vintage ornaments. The possibilities are endless!


really cute diy cupcake stand
I hope you will all head over to Number Fifty-Three to check out more of my projects. The blog is a little slow right now, but I’m so excited for our move to Connecticut (which should have already happened by the time this post is published)! I have so many projects and ideas planned and cannot wait to get started!
cupcake display




  1. Love, love it dear Jennifer! You are so clever and the wooden slice cake stand is awesome, what a great idea!
    Happy Fall to you.

  2. This is so cool, Angela. I think wood slices are so versatile and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.


    Jane x

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