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Wooden dowel faux flower pods

Hey everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three.
wooden dowel faux flower pods

Today I have kind of a modern/sort of a rustic project to share with you all. I’ve been wanting to add a little bit of color to my black, white and wood dining room, lately. I have some plants in there already, but wanted to bring in more texture and something a little bit different with these wooden dowel faux flower pods.
This project was super easy and fast and uses something pretty strange…wooden doll heads from the craft store! They were perfect for this project though, because they already have a hole drilled in the bottom, which easily allowed me to add a “stem”. 
Whenever I think doll parts I get sort of terrified. This is what we found at Brimfield this past May…
Anyway, when you bring the doll heads and dowel (stems) home they look like this:
Simply paint the heads with one coat of paint. When dry, lightly distress and finish with wax, if desired.
Cut the dowels to your desired length, rub them with stain and insert the end into the predrilled hole. I didn’t need to use glue as the fit was perfect.
Lastly, and again this is optional, I wrapped one of the stems in twine and tied a bow. This just added a little bit of interest.
I think this project is so cute and could be customized in so many unique ways!
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  1. Hi Jennifer

    I would like to thank you for all your beautiful shares over the years. I first discovered you when you printed a recipe for chalk paint, I have followed you on and off since. Not counting moving from several houses where emails did their own thing. From a fan from down under thanks, Larain

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