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12 bloggers and 12 amazing trees…

Can you believe all of the beautiful trees this week?The inspiration between the trees and the house walk has made for a holidaisical (to quote Ashley) week!!!

Here’s a recap of all of the trees!

At the Picket Fence Christmas Tree Reveal

At the Picket Fence (Vanessa)

Cherished Bliss Christmas Tree Reveal

Cherished Bliss

Unskinny Boppy Christmas Tree Reveal

Unskinny Boppy

Vintage News Junkie Christmas Tree Reveal

Vintage News Junkie

Thistlewood Farms Christmas Tree Reveal

Thistlewood Farms

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia Christmas Tree Reveal

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Sand and Sisal Christmas tree Reveal

Sand and Sisal

Finding Home Online Christmas Tree Reveal

Finding Home Online

French Country Cottage Christmas Tree Reveal

French Country Cottage

Jeanne Oliver Designs Christmas Tree Reveal

Jeanne Oliver Designs

Jennifer Rizzo Christmas Tree Reveal

Jennifer Rizzo

At the Picket fence Christmas Tree Reveal

At the Picket Fence (Heather)


  1. Balsam Hill trees are amazing. We sell in a large and wonderful antique mall where a live tree does not work. So I would buy a tree for our display. I LOVE the Silverado Slim tree. It looks real and I can smell it! Thanks fro the chance to win. Great job on your tour – looked forward to it every cold, snowy day. Mary

  2. I have a Balsam Hill tree and wreaths and simply love the way they keep there shape. I have had my for 4 years and it looks like new!! I would love to put them through out the rest of the house. Oh and I have garland too!! t’s all amazing and realisic! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love Balsam Hill trees, they are so realistic. I would replace our ancient tree in our family room. I put it up every year and my kids groan in despair at how it is looking so skimpy. (it isn’t a BH!)

  4. I bought a Balsam Hill tree 3 years ago, all my other trees, which are taller are all from Costco and are older. The 1/3 of the lights on the Balsam Hill tree have all gone out- I am so very disappointed while my Costco trees, one of which is 10 years old and the others are 4 years old all have perfectly functioning lights. I spent much more on the Balsam Hill tree than I did for the Costco trees, so I really expected quality- and I am very sorry to say it is definitely not. I feel that the lights should all still be functioning- I will not purchase another- and will not be recommending them. This is so annoying.

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