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Upcycling Old Trophies to Make Place Card Table Settings

I swear. I have this obsession with old trophies that I can’t quite figure out. Whenever I see them in the thrift stores I keep thinking what a waste. They just sit there, A record of someone’s glory day…. long gone. I personally have a few for speech team in high school and one for getting the worst score in a fireman’s golf tournament.As you can tell,I am quite the athlete.They must have a second life!And I swear I am going to keep making things with them until I find out what it is!!!Today’s it’s place card holders. Wouldn’t it be fun to use them for a sports-based party ? Have fun with these Upcycling Old Trophies to Make Place Card Table Settings.

Turn vintage trophies into place card holders

The nice thing about trophies is they are really easy to take apart.They have a threaded screw set into the figurine most of the time.It’s as easy as unscrewing a nut at the base.

TUrn a vintage tophy into a place car holder with a brich log

I had some small ,wood birch rounds and just drilled a hole the same size as the screw base into the top of the round.

Use a birch round as a base for a vintagr trophy

I added a drop of glue and screwed it in. It was that simple.  Just like when I made this fun ugly sweater award.

Make a cute place card holder using vintage trophies and tags. Great for a sports banquet, wedding or fun dinnner

I kept them their original gold color. I went with a black and gold theme and added a hand-lettered tag on a bit of ribbon.

Add a tag with a bit of ribbon to a tophy base

Two of the ones I found were for soccer.

Make a super cute vintage trophy place card holder

Sue was volleyball but looks like something is coming at her and she’s scared.

Turn vintage trophies into really cute table placce settings

These are so much fun and are also a cue keep sake for someone to take home.

Go gold and black with old trophies

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  1. These make me smile. I’ve got a box full of my boy’s old trophies that I can’t bear to part with [they don’t care about them anymore]. They are just sitting in a box in the garage collecting dust – what a shame. Thanks for great inspiration in how to use them. I anxious for other ideas for them as well. I have lots to work with. Thanks!

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