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Cute terra cotta pot candles

Hi there! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and, ever since we moved last fall, I have been willing the warmer weather to come. We bought an old farmhouse and have the biggest porch that is just dying for some attention and some terra cotta pot candles.
I frequently find myself daydreaming of how the porch will eventually look (clean, pretty, decorated) and how amazing it will be to sit down there and relax with a nice drink.
Anyway, we were inspired recently to make a little set of candles that were so surprisingly easy and, I think, will go perfect on that porch.


If you’d like to make some too here’s what you need: very small terra cotta pots (we found them at Walmart), chalk style paint (I used an off white), paint brush, 320 grit sandpaper, candle making kit (we bought a kit at Michaels.).

I started by painting the pots in the chalk style paint and let them dry. I then distressed them using the sandpaper. 

Next we followed the directions that came with the candle making kit to make the candles! ).
We trimmed the wicks when we were done to the recommended length in the kit.

I was actually super surprised at how simple candle making can be! I hope you will all give this project a try. It’s just adorable for the summer months!

Always follow proper safety precautions when burning candles, keep out of reach of children and pets, and never leave a burning candle unattended.
This post is for entertainment purposes only.
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