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Paper card making…back in class!

We had the fun Michaels challenge this month of going back to class! They wanted us to take a class they offer in something we don’t normally do. I decided to try out a paper card making class.

Card making classes

Even though I love stamping, making hand made cards isn’t something I do. I thought it would also be fun to do something hand made and one of a kind!

49216_MS_MM_May Challenge_l

I took the paper card making class with the super nice and informative Cherise! You can tell she is a seasoned pro at card making.

Card making instruction

As well as leading me through the cards step by step, and things like how to use the paper cutter, she told me some really great tips I didn’t know, like stamping with a mouse pad under your paper to get a better “stamp” result.

Embossing paper to make a raised image from the bottom for paper card making

And when using a heat gun to emboss on paper,heat it from underneath. It will melt better and you will be less likely to burn your embossing powder.

Supplies for paper card making

We put together cute thank you cards making our own embellishments.

Making your own card embellishments

Also, after cutting out my flowers, she told me to slightly bend the edges to make it look more like a flower and give it a 3-D effect.

Completed hand made card

I think it ended up looking so cute! I like the sweet floral paper with the flowers. We used round glue type dots to give the paper flowers that dimensional look.

I didn’t do too bad embossing, I just made a few little boo boos. It was fun to try some paper card making as something different and new to try.

Did you know that Michaels offers free classes in their stores? You can try out a new craft skill for just the cost of supplies. And I always love a free, creative class!

Another great way to explore your creativity is by trying out a craft kit. Michaels has everything from sewing kits to art kits and everything in between.

To see more Michaels makers try out a new skill and classes you can visit the glue string here:

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