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How to Decoupage Paper onto a Tabletop

I loved the shape of this table, but it had seen better days, and it still had lots of life so I wanted to share with you how to decoupage paper onto a tabletop. It’s easy to do, and can rescue damaged surfaces. You can use any paper, but I decoupaged scrapbook paper onto the table top to brighten it up. The top was very damaged and a bit ugly. I like to use both paper and fabric to recover damaged table tops. You can find some really pretty pattern and designs. You can also use wallpaper. If the top is really damaged, consider removing the finish and waxing the bare wood.
Vintage table before makeover

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For this project, you’ll need: Regular Mod Podge, a soft brush, scrapbook paper of choice, and paint if you are painting your furniture piece. You can also find supplies here.

I started by painting the majority of my accent table and let it dry before decoupaging. The only place I didn’t paint was the area to be covered which was the leather on the top layer. For the paper, I chose a a 12 by 12 piece with a pretty, neutral pattern. I made sure the pattern was  easily matched since I needed two pieces. It’s almost like matching up wallpaper. I pre-cut and matched my pattern for easier placement.

Apply decoupage medium to the back of paper


 I first brushed Mod Podge on the backside of the paper, and then working quickly, on the top side of the bare table top. If what you’re decoupaging on is shiny or has a coating, you will need to sand it first to create a rougher surface. The leather on this piece was so dried out it wasn’t issue.

Smooth paper after applying with decouage medium when decoupaging paper onto a table top

I carefully pressed the paper down and pressed out any of the bubbles and creases and then applied decoupage medium over the top with a soft brush. Even though it goes on milky, it will dry clear.

Troubleshooting: If you find you have bubbles popping up in your decoupaged paper project, you can use a safety pin to gently make a hole. This will help the trapped air escape and the paper dry flat. The small hole won’t even be noticeable when it dries.

Paint decoupage medium over paper with a foam or soft brush

When decoupaging paper, let it dry completely, then spray sealed it with polyacrylic to seal it. You can also use a brush on sealer as well. You can read why I like polyacrylic over paste wax for sealing painted furniture here.

Painted table makeover with decoupaged paper on top

After a few coats of sealer, the surface will be hard, and your decoupaged top will now hold up to glasses and everything else set on it.

Grandmillennial table makeover with decoupaged paper


I hope you loved learning how to decoupage paper onto a damaged table top and give it a try yourself, it’s such a great way to update a piece and save a damaged furniture piece, as well as adding a pretty pattern or design with out the hassle of painting.

Apply decoupage medium to the back of the fabric

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  1. Anytime I have ever tried to decoupage paper on something I get air bubbles and wrinkles. I noticed in your 5th photo that yours looks wrinkly too. How did you get the wrinkles out? When it dries, do the wrinkles come out? Please advise.

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