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Hand-Drawn Recycled Cardboard Stars

I have a fun project for you today that costs almost nothing but your time, cardboard boxes ready for the recycling bin,  and a gel pen! And it’s something you can do with the kids on a snowy day. It’s a great use those extra cardboard boxes you have lying around from holiday deliveries.  Even old cereal or tissue boxes will work to make hand-drawn recycled cardboard stars. There is a template for the designs at the end of the post, or you can make up your own designs and have fun being creative!

Hand drawn stars from recycled cardboard

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These recycled cardboard stars are so fun and easy and all you need is a cardboard box, a pair of scissors and a white gel pen. I prefer this white gel pen.

Cardboard stars from recycled cardboard

First trace a shape of a star in the size you want and carefully cut it out of the cardboard. Mine are about 4 inches across. It’s easy to trace and cut your cardboard stars all at the same time. It’s just as easy as turning toilet paper rolls into a pretty garland that looks like metal. You would never believe they were cardboard rolls!

Use white gel pen to add designs to recycled cardbaord

After cutting out your stars, use the gel pen to embellish! I have a template at the end of the post of some pattern ideas. Most of my stars are jut a mix of these patterns. This is something you can have real fun with. Use a pencil to trace patterns beforehand it you don’t feel comfortable just winging the designs.

You can add words, and do all kinds of designs. You can even try other shapes as well, like an ornament shape!

Embellish cardboard with a white gel pen

This one I did random dots that were closer at the base like falling snow flakes. The closer you place the dots, the more they will look like a blizzard.

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I ended up using some red embroidery floss to make hangers. These would be really cute gift tags too.

really clever hadn-drawn recycled card board stars made from ordinary boxes!

The white on brown actually reminds me of cookies. In fact,it kind of makes me hungry for cookies. 🙂

I think they add a nice natural element to the tree. These would be super cute as a garland. This boho garland would also be fun to pair the with stars.

Here is the pattern template of designs if you want to make your own! Just mix and match them for a unique look.

patterns for cardboard stars

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas project count down!

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reccyled cardboard stars


  1. love these! such a simple but great idea. i will definitely be making some of these. i might just pile these high on a platter in my kitchen as decoration ‘cuz you’re right they do look like cookies. tfs!
    happy thanksgiving- MJ

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