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8 Fall Outfits for Women Everyone Can Wear

I have always had a love for fashion and clothing, but like  a lot of people, I can’t wear every fashion trend out there. Having been blessed with super-shortness (5’2), I have found things that look good on someone who is 5’7 make me look like a kid in her mom’s clothing.I know everyone has some reason they can’t wear one thing or another, but I found these 8 outfits on pinterest that made me find 8 fall outfits everyone can wear, no matter what their height, weight, age,or body shape!

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 1  One of the first Fall-inspiration outfits is  from Hush UK. It’s a black jersey  over a long sleeve t-shirt. So easy! I love that it’s like wearing a dress, but casual. The model is also wearing a knit scarf and black leggings with knee high boots. This is the kind of outfit that is timeless and fits anybody type. You can make your own DIY earrings to go with it.

Great and easy fall outfit

FInd Hush UK scarf leggings / long sleeve t-shirt /  black t-shirt dress / brown boots

How can this not look good on anyone? The best part is  most of us probably already have most of the pieces already in our closet! Grey t-shirt,black leggings,boots with a plain black, knit dress over the top and a neutral scarf. Since I have to dress up for work, I also have a peek at what I’ve worn to work this Fall. I like to mix it up a bit between boho, and fun.

Number 2 Fall- Inspiration anyone can wear  is from here.

It’s so cute with jeans, a white shirt and a rust colored sherpa jacket. You can also add these Target overalls instead, which are super versatile. You can find a similar jacket here.

Cute white top with rust colored sherpa jacket, jeans and a white top

Number 3 Kitschy Movie-Inspired Wear.

This is one of my favorite sweatshirts!  If you remember the movie Matilda from Happy Heart Apparel, you’ll get a chuckle out of this one. It goes so well with jeans or leggings, or even a cute skirt!

Cute Matilda sweatshirt with jeans and tnnis shoes


Number 4 inspired outfit for Fall features a fun casual style.

Long cardigan white shirt and ripped Jeans

Ok, I know what you are thinking, “I’m too old for ripped jeans”. Nope. I don’t think so, but you can also ditch the ripped part and just roll your hem. Get them off the top of your shoes for heck sake! And I think flat would work fine for those of you who share back issues like me.But I love the simple white t-shirt and long cardi combo for a fall day. And I like that it hides my bottom too. Find a  similar long cardigan here.

Looking to upcycle an old pair of boots? Try painting on them with leather paint!

Also, if you love more gender neural, vintage sweaters, the Etsy seller Garrison Homegoods carries vintage sweater mystery boxes. It’s worth a look!

Garrison Home Goods vintage sweaters

Number 5  Joggers are some of my new favorite fancy-casual pants.

Anthro joggers and striped sweater

 So comfy and I love the joggers paired with a cute striped sweater and short brown boots with gray socks!

Number 6 of Fall Fashion for Women anyone Can Wear.

The concept is so simple! Black shirt, pattern pants,tailored long cardi with a statement necklace in neutral colors. Add  a pair of black flats or heels and it’s out the door!

Here’s a twist on the white shirt concept with a cardi and boots. Replace the black jacket with a denim jacket and it’s an entirely different look!

Great fall outfit

image from Polka dots and leopard spots Her blog is so cute!!!

If you love upcycled clothing, see how I DIY’d a collection out of it called Urban Journey.

Number 7 goes with the fact I I really love a good sweatshirt in Fall.

There is magic in you sweatshirt by Jennifer Rizzo

Number 8 of Fall outfits everyone can wear has a cute plaid shirt.

great combo of plaid and necklace with jeans

I love this combo from The Northeast Girl. A plaid shirt,jeans and it goes up a notch with a statement necklace and some kind of big gold bangle.Simple, Easy, cute! You can find a similar tunic style blue plaid shirt here. I love tunic styles because they can be worn tucked or untucked with leggings or jeans.

Ha ha! So what do you think? Would you try any of these outfits out?

I think the big fashion trends this fall are: Statement necklaces,denim,ripped jeans and of course,plaid is always in style in the fall! You’ll probably see me in these for my book signings this fall!

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  1. Jen, I have to say that I love these outfits even though I will be 66 my next birthday. I would so wear several of these outfits and I think fashion should be fun at any age 🙂 Thanks for sharing! Lois

    1. Hi Kate,If you click on source underneath the picture it will take you right to the site.

  2. Hi Jennifer, please tell me where you got the yellow jacket worn avove with white top and torn jeans- love the jacket

    1. HI Jackie,
      It’s an image I found on Pinterest, I am not sure where the original clothing pieces are from. Maybe if you Google it? It’s a super cute look, isn’t it!

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