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A natural gold,galvanized and white Christmas tree decorating idea

Hi everyone, I know we’ve come straight off of stuffing ourselves full of our kids candy, and man, am I full of kit-kats, but today I get to share my Micheals Makers Christmas tree with you as  a part of the Dream tree challenge!

dream tree challenge banner

I wanted to have fun with this tree and looking around the store, I found some great galvanized metal ornaments. I also really feel in love with so many of the branches and faux stems in the floral area. I have a plain green trees, so I found some faux flocked pine branches, and loved how they really lightened up the dark green of the tree.

gold white and galvanized Christmas tree

I also wanted to think past the typical red and green of the season and do something totally different! I really loved the Christmas tree decorating idea

of doing a pop of an unconventional color!

touch of yellow on a white tree

I was really drawn to these beautiful gold bunches of flowers with some gold sparkle on them. I thought they would be so interesting tucked in the branches.

tree with gold and white

I love how it is the only bright color among the white of the snow ball ornaments and branches, and the muted neutral look of the galvanized metal ornaments.

galvantized metal tree ornaments

They had a few really pretty metal snowflakes in the metal. I loved how intricate they were.

natural elements on a tree

I also found these wood balls with sparkles on them. I loved the rustic touch.

pretty glass ornament

I bought a few boxes of these clear glass ornaments too. They have a great reflective quality.

Gold and white Christmas tree decorating idea

I also wanted to make my own tree topper which I will share the DIY with you soon!

faux glittered sage leaves

I found these beautiful glittered sage leaves and decided to use them on my tree and on my topper.

handmade tree topper

My tree topper was another project I wanted to see how creative I could get.

handmade tree topper with craft store elements

I cna’t wait to share this tutorial with you. It was really easy!

gold birdnest on a tree topper

I loved this glittery nest. It’s actual a floral stem!

Creatively Christmas by Jennifer Rizzo

And of course no tree is complete unless you have a book full of holiday inspiration
to go with it!

Christmas tree with gold and white elements

It was fun to really be able to think outside of the box and try something different for a Christmas tree!

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  1. and if i had read more carefully i would have seen they were flowers, but in my head i just saw moss and got excited… but now you gave me an idea. 😉 so thanks for that, and i love the gold flowers! 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the tree topper. I bought your wonderful book last year and I’ll certainly be looking to it again this year for inspiration.

  3. Love it! The pop of the untraditional coloured stems on the tree is so fun and makes the tree take on just a tinch of a rustic look. Your tree topper is gorgeous. I’m always happy to have Halloween over with because it means the inspiration for Christmas decorating makes its debut and you’ve definitely added to the enjoyment of my morning coffee.

  4. Jennifer your tree is absolutely gorgeous. It is definitely my favorite of all the Dream Tree Challenge trees! The topper is so creative and one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. The perfect finishing touch. LOVE those leaves! Looking forward to the tutorial.

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