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A Simple Fall Coffee Date Gathering

Even though it’s so weird that normal group get togethers aren’t happening in lots of places, it’s still important to make sure we are not isolating ourselves too much while still being safe. It’s a hard balance to have. One thing friends and I have been doing besides Facetime coffees and lots of ZOOM meetings, are small coffee dates with just a few people. We are outside, sitting 6 feet a part, and masked if either person wants it. I’ll put out little cookies and snacks (nothing too fancy.), and sometimes the other person will bring a little bite or two as well.  It’s nice to have a simple fall coffee date gathering safely once in a while. Once things change, this would be easy to add some extra coffee cups, cookies and a few more friends. I think early fall is such a pretty time to sit outside. I like to really soak in those last few weeks of nice weather.

Fall outdoor small coffee date gathering

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Courtney from French Country Cottage released her book Inspired Gatherings, and it’s inspired me to share a little, private coffee date gathering for two.

Coffee date platter with cookies


A plaid blanket doubles as a table cloth, and make a less than perfect surface look pretty.

Make an outdoor coffee date for two

I also added candles to the candle holders I made last year from the tree branch that fell in our backyard.

Add pumpkin seasoning to your coffee grounds for fall flavor

Now that’s it’s fall, I like to make the coffee a little special by adding some pumpkin spice seasoning to the coffee grounds. Sometime Ill get extra fancy and whip up some frothy milk too.

Golden rod in a small vase

Making a pretty table with wildflowers that grow in the area in thrift store vases add and easy and inexpensive touch. It’s really no effort at all to throw some weeds on the table, but it does look pretty.

Milk in a Beechnut baby food jar as a creamer

The sugar and milk are in a little handmade bowl from my friend Kim Taylor, and the milk is in a Beechnut baby food jar. It makes the perfect little creamer!

Make an outdoor coffee date for two


My go-to is store bought cookies. I added some pirouettes, and biscotti in a glass vase and tied a little raffia around it to make it a little more special. Remember, it is my unofficial National Vase sort-of half-week. This certainly fits as a DIY vase idea. These little details make an ordinary coffee date just a little more special.

Biscotti and cookies in a glass container with raffia

As a backdrop in the big vase, I added a lantern and some maple tree seedlings. Those darn things pop up all over my yard! Instead of fighting them, I’ve learned to embrace them and use them in my fall decorating.

Outdoor fall coffee gathering

I think it’s important in this weird time to make the little things special, even if it’s just for ourselves. Eat off the good china, buy the fancy coffee, grab a biscotti and drink your coffee outside in the sun. We deserve it.

For more beautiful outdoor gatherings, make sure you visit Courtney’s blog.

You can find her book full of beautiful gatherings on Amazon, or national booksellers.






  1. Hello Jennifer,

    I was wondering if you could share the name of the brand and color that you painted your kitchen hutch in? It’s a light soft greenish color. That hutch is absolutely stunning. Thank you very much and advance.

  2. This is SO beautiful Jennifer! I love this set up and how romantic and charming it is! A perfect place to gather for a bit!! Thank you for sharing the book and for joining me on this fun tour!! xoxo

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