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DIY Clay-Wrapped Boho Vase

Guess what week it is? It’s vase week! Okay, that’s not a real thing, I just made it up. I did decide with all of the fall wildflowers and grasses that area ready to pick, that I would do some fun ways to show them off and group it together in a pretend week. Okay, and not really a full week, because it’s already Tuesday, and I am doing some different posts on Wednesday and Thursday before I show you more vases, but that’s just a small detail. So let’s call it National Vase sort-of half-week, and I am going to share some fun projects with you over the next few days. I know, lame, right? Well, after my last DIY fail, anything goes. For National Vase sort-of half-week the first project is a DIY Clay-Wrapped Boho Vase.

Make a DIY painted black vase with clay

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I wanted a cute, little boho vase, and I thought it might be fun to see if I could create my own using a recycled wide mouth bottle, air-hardening clay, matte black craft paint, and a few clay tools. That’s it! It was really easy and the vase ended up being so cute. The thing to make sure of it to get air-hardening clay that will get hard and be a little more water-resistant once sealed, and not air-dry clay which will fall a part when it gets wet. This is a better project for dried flowers and stems. Check out the video of how I made this cute vase:


Clean your plastic  or recycled bottle/jar of any labels or residue. I gave mine a good scrubbing with grease-cutting dish soap. Take the clay and add it around the bottle being careful not to press too hard and break the glass( if that’s your bottle is made of); we want cute decor, not ER visits.

Air hardening clay and a recycled bottle

Work around the bottle adding clay in an even layer. If you prefer to roll out a sheet of clay and wrap the bottle that way, it’s probably a much smarter way to do it that I didn’t think of at the time.  You do want to add a thick enough layer so you can remove some clay later to add designs.

USe water to smooth vase of air hardening clay

Once you’ve wrapped the bottle, smooth out the clay using a little water, then add fun designs with clay tools and let dry.

carve dsigns on a clay with a clay tool

Small cracks can appear if the clay-wrapped boho vase dries too fast. Just fill them in and let dry before painting.

Painting an air dry vase with craft paint

Paint with a matte black craft paint, removing any excess with a damp paper towel to let some of the clay come through. Once it dries, brush on an outdoor varnish  on the entire surface of your DIY boho clay vase for durability and let dry.

Make a boho vase with clay and black paint

I added some dried grasses from my yard. It’s just so cute! I hope you loved this little easy DIY clay wrapped boho vase made from wrapping clay around a recycled bottle. Make sure you check out vase number two of vase week!

Make a black vase with air dry clay

Make sure you check back to see the other vase projects. You can also see how to make leather-wrapped bottle vases here.

Make a DIY boho clay vase