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A Tour of Whimsy in Morris, IL

I realized I still hadn’t gotten around to showing you some of the cute shops in downtown Morris, IL. I took a stroll after the 3 French Hens Flea Market a few weeks ago I went into cute stores. I wanted to give you a tour of Whimsy in Morris, IL since it’s so darn cute!
Whimsy Decor in Morris IL

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Welcome into a tour of Whimsy! You are going to find her displays are amazing.

CUte display at a tour of whimsy

Have you ever wondered how to merchandise like Whimsy does? Find out how in this post.Cute table and display idea

The displays in Whimsy are just the cutest and tell little stories all around the store.

Cute nest merhcandising idea
Everything looks so beautiful! And there is such a nice mix of merchandise to shop from.


Sweet spring store display
Whimsy in one of those stores you could get completely lost in. The retail merchandising and displays are so amazing. I could wander around the shop for hours and hours just looking. Even the outside of the store is so cute.


boutique jewelry display idea

These handmade paper flowers are just the cutest and I love how they are hanging from the ceiling.

Paper flowers in a store

I know this is a lot of pictures of Whimsy, but there is so much to see! I have more images, but I know this post is already overloaded.

Cute banner idea for a store.


Bins for merhcandise in Whimsy


Old door used to display jewelry
I love using a good jewelry display piece like the necklace rack . And the use of a vintage suitcase to show of some pillows is so clever. She makes it look so fancy!


Everything has a special touch to it!


And she sells these amazing Swan Creek candle, that smell so awesome and come in such cute containers! I hope you loved this tour of Whimsy. Traci has such a cute shop, and such great ideas! If you can’t make it out to Morris, You can shop Whimsy online here.


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  1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for this post! I’m in Naperville for the week and will now spend one day going to Morris. Would you mind taking a minute to give me a few hints about a few other must sees while I am here in the area?

  2. Oh My Gosh….. Thank-you for taking the time to share your pics. I never made it there when I was living there in Dixon Il. I did meet her when I went to Kane. She does have beautiful things. Her shop looks amazing. Have a beautiful and creative day….Chickie

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