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A tie-dye art project and creativity

I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with tie-dye art. It’s one of those things that either makes me love the contrast and flow of color,and makes me think of fun, or makes me think of 1960’s hippies; crazy,dirty, hippies. I guess there’s no happy medium there. I recently made  a fun tie-dye art painting for the DecoArt blog, and it really made me love the fun side of it, and how freeing it can be to use color, and make art, just for the joy of doing it. I think I get so locked into the fact that I have to make things for my work, that I forget that sometimes I should just do it for fun. I loved making this DecoArt project this last month,because it was just fun to play.

Tie dye art mixed media canvas

Do you ever get stuck into the mind set of  pressure to create? Or do you feel like you don’t create enough? I find I go between the two. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting time if I’m not churning out project after project, and other times I get in a rut, and think I’m not doing enough. Then, I get completely stalled and go waste time on Facebook or Instagram instead, when I should be finding ways to cultivate creativity. It’s like there’s almost a pressure to creating sometimes, and that’s the last place there should be pressure, and I find it’s almost easier to avoid it, than to nurture it (Which I should be doing.).

Paint covered hands Take on a new hobby with blogger burn out

And really, it should be one of the things inside of ourselves we treat with kid gloves instead of ignore, and feed, because it feeds us back. It’s something that I think completes our soul.It’s like taking a deep breath and letting it out. Yet, rather than do things that make that side blossom, I  personally tend to find ways to push it away and treat it like a distraction. Then the pressure builds, and the cycle continues. I don’t know why I do that when it’s something I really love to do. I truly believe it’s because of the pressure.

I think that’s why the most recent DecoArt post resonated with me. For once, I just sat down and did it,

and didn’t worry about the end result. I just used the tools I had, I made tie-dye art, and played.









  1. Part of my problem is time – with only small blocks at night after getting home..I’m tired and frankly, not feeling it. I hope to get to the place where my mindset changes so I don’t see time, or the lack of it. Btw – love the piece – what a cool project!

    1. I totally get it! It makes it to difficult to even feel it. I think it’s something we really need to make intentional. Thank you so much!

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