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Adding the Top Coat on a Faux Marble Table

 Now that the Faux Marble Poured table top is dry, we can tackle the top coat. Adding the top coat on a faux marble table is a great way to give it that shiny quality that stone has, and deepen the paint colors that are already there.

Top coat on a faux marble table top

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Even though this top coat isn’t heat or food safe, or made for outdoor surfaces, it’s still perfect for smaller accent pieces that won’t get a ton of wear and tear. If you missed how we poured the faux marble top, you can see that technique here.

You’ll need a tarped area, Pouring Topcoat, and a soft brush.

Let faux marble sit on a flat surface for 24 hours until dry

After the poured marble top is completely dry, it’s are ready to do the top coat on a faux marble table!

Follow the directions on the back of the container for the best end results. One thing it talks about is not shaking it. This is really important, but so hard not to do, because it will create bubbles in your finished project.

Add a top coat on a faux marble table to get the look of real stone

Pour your top coat directly onto the surface into the middle of the table top.

Tip the board, and let the Top Coat run completely off of each edge for complete coverage.

Let excess top coat run off of board for faux marble finish

Once all of the sides are covered, prop the board on one side for a few minutes to let all of the excess run off.

Use a brush to remove excess top coat from edges

Once most of the excess top coat has run off, place the board on a flat, raised surface, then use a soft brush to remove any drips on the edges. Let dry for a full 24 -36 hours in an area in a low humidity place, where it won’t be disturbed.

Small brass table with faux marble top made with paint and pouring medium

I love how it really looks like real marble, and it’s just a piece of wood underneath!

Faux marble top made with pouring medium and a top coat

I’m ready for more paint pouring! You can see the geode-inspired tray I did here, glitter and all!

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