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Amazing reupholstered vintage sofas and couches

I love the idea of a reupholstered vintage sofa. They don’t make them the way they used to! We still have the couch my dad grew up on.We’ve already reupholstered it once, about 8 years ago, and it’s almost ready for another go. I also reupholstered this couch as well, years ago!I was searching around looking for ideas and came across theses amazing reupholstered vintage sofas and couches! Not only are they great for photo shoots, but they look amazing in your home too!

How amazing is this sofa covered in gray velvet! While that would never work in my house, it’s beautiful to look at!

I love how this amazing sofa has a pretty and durable fabric on it.

reupholstered vintage sofa in durable fabric

These are just beautiful with the bright,fresh colors from Paisley and Jade!

Vintage recovered couches in bright fresh colors

This is from Cotton & Flax.It looks amazing with her textiles! She has such a great eye and I love looking around her site!

Love this vintage couch from Cotton & flax

These next two sofas look so cool and modern with their updated fabric! This site does amazing furniture makeovers!!!! Just beautiful! I love how they gray looks, but I learned the hard way years ago when I bought plum couches (Yes,a  deep plum color. I don;t know what I was thinking.), it’s better to stay somewhat neutral with your main pieces.

Chairloom reupholstered sofa

Love how they look!

Reupholstred vintage sofaAs much as I would love to do a really cool fabric, I know that I don’t want to get tired of it either, so I will probably do a plain,old boring neutral. 🙂

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  1. I love old furniture getting a facelift. All the pictures are awesome. I love the fabric you chose for yours!

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