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DIY paint dot flower pots

Thank you all so much for the supportive words about my new “studio”. You guys are pretty awesome. And so many of you have told me it’s inspired you to also look into carving out a space for yourself. I really hope you do! If being creative and taking a creative path is something that is on your heart,you should really follow it, it’s there for a reason. Today, I have a fun and easy project for you! Paint dot flower pots to bring a bit of color into your home in these dark and dreary winter days. This to me is the long stretch between January and March/April, until spring pops up.

Make easy confetti paint dot flower pots

I used white  enamel craft paint to coat the outside of the pots. With a sealer on the outside it makes them water proof enough.Just with the enamel craft paint, sometimes it has t really dry before you introduce any moisture.

Paint the flower pots white with an enamel or glass paint for moisture

I picked a few pretty and springy colors.

SPringy colors for flower pots

I then used the end of a paint brush to make dots in an organized pattern, and alternated my colors.

Use the end of a paint brush to make dots. The bigger the end of the brush, the bigger the dots.

I decided on half circles on one, and a round/diamond pattern on other other pot.

Make dots in a half cirlce pattern with the end of a paint brush

After I finished all of my “paint-dotting” I let them dry and cure according to directions.

Let the enamel/glass paint dry on paint dot flower pots

Then, I added my plants. I really wanted fresh herbs but the only thing our grocery store had was wheat grass. At least it is green!

Make these easy paint dot flower pots for a touch of color

Fun DIY paint dot flower pots

Make easy confetti paint dot flower pots

I really enjoyed using all of the color and brightness. It adds something nice and green in my window sill.

Here is a link to some paint if your local store doesn’t have it for your paint dot flower pots. You can just click on the pictures and the link goes to Amazon.

I like Martha’s a little better, but both work.

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  1. They are beautiful and cheery! Nice winter project

    You studio space is inspiring. So much so that I began clearing out a dedicated space for myself. Thank you!

  2. Wow! Love the pots. What a great gift to give. I can picture a few eggs nesting in those grass pots. I will definitely give those a try!

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