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Awesome sunroom decorating ideas

One change that I would love to do to our current home, is add a sunroom. There is something about having that light and brightness that is so appealing.

Even though you can use most principals in sunroom decorating ideas that you can a living room, it’s always nice to see them used in real rooms. I’ve also picked out two take away ideas from each picture that you can use today, and each picture has  a link underneath so you can visit and see more of these amazing rooms.

Let’s get started!

I adore how Lily Pad Cottage has her sun room decorated. I am ready to invite myself right over!

I love the contrast of blue and white pillows with the natural wicker furniture, it has such a clean and fresh look.

Lovely white and bright sunroom

 Things we can take away from this room:

-White is used with a contrast color (navy blue) for a simple and clean look.

– Wood and wicker bring in a natural element.

And this back deck to a sun room conversion.

It has an amazing view with all of the woods, and the fireplace? Yes please!!!

Love this back deck to sun room idea!

And I love that they have the same tile we put in our downstairs. Great minds think a like!

2 things to take away from this room:

-Plants add a nice green color a life to the room

-While the room is a good size, it’s broken up into zones for multi-uses

Amazing back porch with reclaimed wood ceiling

This is a back porch, but it’s so stunning that these ideas could be used for a sun room as well!

That reclaimed metal ceiling and the  Fixer-Upper style chandelier are just amazing!

And another fireplace. I could just imagine the cozy nights here.

2 things to take away:

-Go beyond a typical boring white ceiling for visual interest.

-A dramatic light fixture can make all of the difference.

Bright and boho sun room decorating idea

I  love the bright and modern boho feel of this sunroom. It feels so clean and crisp and modern.

The light is just amazing in the space!

2 things to take away

-a fabulous floor and be a show stopper

-modern can feel warm and welcoming by mixed wood and white

Grea sun room idea to decorate a narrow sunroom

And if you have a sunroom that is more narrow than wide, this is a great way to style furniture.

Our 2 take-aways?

-Every little area has a purpose and it feels cozy and useful.

-Both a mixture of indoor and outdoor furniture work well together.

How about you? Is a sunroom something you already have, or something you dream about as a someday thing just like me?

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  1. I love all of these. So many of us don’t have the ‘bones’ yet you have so many ideas for going in a direction with color and furniture to give a sunny feel. Love!!!


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