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Beautiful spring chalkboard and free printable……

Today Ella Claire Inspired has an  amazing printable chalkboard  for you!
I am so happy to be here today to share some chalkboard art with you! I will also be sharing the template and a link to my tutorial where you can see exactly how to draw your very own! 
One of my very favorite things to do is to draw on my chalkboard and I use any excuse/holiday/occasion to create a new design. Today, I wanted to share my latest doodle using a great Spring quote by Longfellow. 
I have this gigantic chalkboard that I hang in my entryway, but I always pull it down to this cabinet in my kitchen when I want to draw. It is a lot easier than reaching above my head while I do it!

After I finished drawing everything on the template, I went back and added some little butterflies. I wanted to add a whimsical little touch of spring. 

I hung it back in my entryway and added some spring touches to brighten the space up as well. A little lavender, a vintage fan, and some blossoming branches really make the space more cheery cheerful. 
If you would like to draw this chalkboard art for your home, you can use this template with the tutorial found here. The tutorial teaches you how to break down the design and make your drawing look exactly like the original {Trust me, it is easier than it looks}! Just click on the template below, right click, copy and paste into your own document, and print.
I am sure this won’t stay up for very long because, well, there is summer and birthdays and…. 😉 Like I said, any excuse to doodle on my chalkboards!
Don’t you just love the spring!?
I am so glad it is here! 
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  1. Thank you for this template! your vignette looks very beautiful dear, now all I have to do is make a similar chalkboard! 🙂

  2. Great spring vignette in the entry… Does anyone use chalkboards to write lists, leave messages to one another, schedule events,…anymore? Not I! Much rather use it for spring messages like yours. Thanks for giving the template.


  3. Looks great! I must admit, it seems a little intimidating to me but I think I need to just try it!! Do you use plain chalk or chalk pens for your creations?~~Angela

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