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Because budget decorating doesn’t have to be cheap

When a lot of people think about budget decorating, I think they tend to think cheap. The thing is, budget decorating doesn’t have be cheap.Or Look cheap. It can even look very high end, but there’s a secret to it. As we continue on this series this week about debt and decorating I want to share a few ideas with you. Tomorrow I am  going to share budget projects we’ve worked on in our house and the real cost.

The secret behind it is to make it look like “the things” with out directly copying “the things”. We all have ideas we see and like, but when we directly try to knock something off, we can end up with a pale imitation. How ever, when we are inspired by something and then do it our way, it takes on a personal twist that gives it a custom look. Does that make sense?

It’s more about the decorating inspiration and then ” gathering” the ideas from it, then copying it exactly. It seems like it’s too simple of an idea, but designers do it allof the time. When I work in a clients house, and they give me a budget of $1,500, and then tell me they love a $10,000 room, I know it’s time to get really creative with how I source stuff.

If they love a room from Pottery Barn, or Pinterest but can’t afford how much it would really cost,  I try to  source similar product from alternate sources such as Homegoods, Overstock,Wayfair and even Amazon. While it’s takes some research, it pays off the in the end.

The other thing I do is re-use  what they already have in their home.Working with what ya got is one of the first rules. Furniture placement is everything, and can transform  a room. Like this one.

In the end, many times making things yourself  is a much better way to go. I wanted to share a few DIY ideas with you that I’ve used when designing rooms for clients to save money, but look high-end.

Hand made lampshade with trim

For instance, this DIY lampshade reminds me of one I’ve seen at Anthropologie. But, it’s doesn’t exactly match anything there. You can pick your colors and it is a great, budget friendly way to get a custom look without spending $120 on just  a custom shade.

Make large botanical art prints for a fraction of the price! In budget decorating

Making your own botanical art prints from copyright-free graphics is another way to save money on wall art. Botanical look very classic, and I always see ones I like in Ballard designs,but having them printed as posters and framing them yourself can add a custom look without looking cheap.

I also like to use tablecloths as drapery. A 108 inch tablecloth is already hemmed on the bottom, but can be either sewn over at the top for a curtain rod, or even clipped to the correct height. Many times, I can find colors much more in tune with what my client is looking for. And, I love that many times they are cotton or linen.

Cute Curtains made from Target tablecloths

And I’ve always believed in the transformative power of paint. I’ve painted lots and lots of furniture pieces in my time.

Vintage buffet makeover

Jen at City Farmhouse made over this buffet as a contributor a few years ago, an it’s amazing to me how it got an instant face lift and looked like a high-end piece. I’ve seen many vintage pieces look like they’ve come right out of West Elm. Sometimes just by updating the hardware it makes  a piece look current and expensive when you are trying to stick with budget decorating.

And never under estimate the power of just painting your room a fresh, bright color for  a modern spin. It’s one of the cheapest facelifts you can do. It’s normally one of the first things I recommend for my real estate clients if their homes are feeling slightly dated. It  just gives the room a fresh look for fresh eyes.

What are some of your favorite ideas for giving a high end look with a low end cost?

Budget decorating doesn't have to readas cheap.Easy ways you can add simple touches with a high end result.




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