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Bread box makeover

Hey there everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I have to admit that I love the thrift store. No joke. It’s my favorite place to shop. I love the idea of re-purposing things and giving them new life. Plus, isn’t it so much more meaningful to have something in your home that you have repaired/stained/painted or somehow redone versus just going to a box store and picking something up.


I’ve been wanting a bread box for the kitchen for a while now and was thrilled when I found this one recently. I paid only about $7 for it, and while it was in great shape, I thought it could use a little color and a little sparkle to really make it shine.
This is such a wonderful inexpensive project for the beginner painter (and a nice break for those of us who make our living painting furniture every single day!).
Supplies: Vintage wood breadbox, sandpaper, paint and paintbrushes, wax or poly, new hardware (if desired), clean cloths.
Start out by giving your breadbox a good sanding and cleaning.
Next, paint two coats of paint in your choice of color, letting them dry between coats. I found it best to use a medium sized brush for the entire breadbox and then a small artist brush to get into the cracks of the roll top.
Once completely dry, distress, clean the dust off and finish in your choice of wax or poly.
In my case, I decided to switch out the original wood knob for a glass one as it matches my kitchen hardware better, but the choice is yours.
I am loving how it brings a bit of barn red to that side of the room!
I’ve been adding bits of color in my house lately; slowly breaking away from my usual mostly white palette. I hope you’ll all stop on over and say hello!
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