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Make more plants! Flowers and plants you can propagate

I always think it’s so funny that I am just gearing up for some huge summer planting  and gardening in July, and some of the the nursery’s in our area are already trying to clear out their stock! While I get some great deals, it really bums me out! Luckily, many plants can grow water roots, and there are flowers and plants you can propagate like Coleus.

 to propagate coleus on a windowsill


In Chicago,we still have a full three months until mid-October  of perfect  planting time until the Polar Vortex kicks back in. I want to get all of the planting time in I possibly can before I have to shut the windows and take out my electric blanket.

Luckily, there are some tricks I use by taking plants I already have, and propagating them. I using them to fill in the blank and bare spots and save a bunch of money that way too.

Here are some flowers and plants you can propagate and continue to plant in just  a few weeks!

Mid-summer is a great time to do it too.

 The Coleus pictured below easy start roots in water and can be transplanted in under 2 weeks right back into the ground! It also comes in a wide variety, so you can clip and grow all summer.

It can also do well in sun or shade.

 to propagate coleus on a windowsill

It’s as simple as taking a sturdy clipping of the plant with a few healthy leaves and making sure the base is kept in water in clean, recycled jars,changed every few days.

Coleus are a great plant to root in water

A few other plants that will root in water are:


sink the base of the bamboo poles deep into the garden soil to hold in place


Tomato suckers (Yes,more tomato plants!)



Rose of Sharon

And you can also layer plants too. Some plants that propagate by layering are:

How to layer lavender and rosemary plants for propagation



How to grow and dry lavender

Young pliable branches of:



Hydrangeas (though this works better with rooting hormone.)

beautiful endless summer hydrangea

Some Dogwoods


roses can be propagated by water or layering




And even though these plants below aren’t propagated plants,

they are easily divide-able (and you can share with your neighbors and they can share with you!) and are great to fill in bare spots with.


Front landscaped walk with flagstone path


Coral Bells

Native Ornamental grasses

Cherry bells


Lily of the valley

Bee Balm


There are many more plants and shrubs as well, especially if you want to dive into using Rooting Hormone or Cloning Gel .

Are you still really into gardening this time of the year? Or have you already given it up by now?

We still have a tree we would like to put in and I have a few areas I would still like to fill in that seem bare. My Zinnia’s haven’t even flowered yet! Now if the temperatures would just stay above 70 it would be perfect!

This post contains as Amazon affiliate link for rooting/cloning gel.


  1. i am still pulling literally hundreds of rose of sharon seedlings from a reno we repurchased. Once they go to seed, it’s all over! Thanks for the heads up on the other plants, though. Sedum will reroot from a broken stem or leaf also.

  2. I had no idea Rose of Sharon would root in water. We had a huge bush, and I thought it died in last year’s hard winter. I noticed last week that two branches have sprouted leaves, so I might try to see if I can get one of them to root. I was going to go buy a new bush tomorrow, so this post is great timing. Thanks so much!

    Gardening is still going strong at our house. Pretty much all of our flower gardens have been filled with plants we’ve split and transplanted. Lilies, lilac, hostas, ferns, peonies and some grasses are our main fillers. In fact, I split a huge hosta just today.

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