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Divide your Space by Using French Doors as Room Dividers

This room needed a total update with paint and with something of interest. We decided for the owners to repurpose some french doors and use them as room dividers.

The rooms are large, but having the opening between the kitchen and the living area so big really limits furniture placement in both rooms. We had a carpenter install them for safety reasons.
Sometimes I don’t think “open concept” always works. this opening was so big that we couldn’t put furniture any where. It actually limited where our couch would go. By adding french doors, it created a small wall and a place to actually put something.
french doors as room dividers and architectural interest
 My vision is the doors add a little “wall space” but are light and airy and still feel open. It’s amazing how paint makes a space feel so different and open.
Use French doors as room dividers

   and now there’s a space to place  a chair or even a table.

French doors as room dividers.


French doors as room dividers

I feel like every project is half finished. I’ll be so glad when it comes together at the end!  I’m so excited for the end result!

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  1. Love this idea Jennifer! We have French doors off of our kitchen leading into the den.It is so nice to have a closed space but it feels open with the doors!Have a great weekend!

  2. It’s turning out FABULOUSLY!!! Thanks for letting me have a little sneak peek and for sharing your knowledge and friendship…you made my Monday evening wonderful! Talk to you soon! xo

  3. I am looking a Barn glass door roll between my livingroom and kitchen (84 in. long and 45 1/2 in wide

    if you can e-mail me with this information


  4. Hi Jennifer
    I have two doors to do exactly what you’ve done. I’m still not sure how to securely hang them. As I was searching for ideas, & how to’s. I cam across your blog. Could you possibly indulge how you hung them? I love the way you finished them with molding. Just beautiful
    Thank you

    1. HI Corrine,
      My contractor did it, so I am not a 100% sure, but I know they were screwed into the supporting structures and floor and then after framed them in with 2 x 2’s and trimmed them out so they didn’t move at all. The two doors are held together with metal ties and we painted over them. I hope this helps?

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