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Turn an old picture into a bulletin board tutorial

A bulletin board  from an old picture frame is an easy way to make a large scale,and pretty way to add organization to your office space.
 I love using vintage sheet music and book pages to make all kinds of things such as this vintage book page table runner.

I had found an old painting on the side of the road, and it wasn’t really my style.

I decided I needed a memo board, and the picture seemed like a good base to make one on.

I painted the frame with acrylic paint.

Then, I cut a roll of cork to size and then hot glued it right to the picture( I doubled mine up. It was thin cork.)
I laid out my sheet music in the pattern I liked,

Used double-stick tape ,

Turn and old picture into a bulletin board with vintage sheet music and old book pages.

then hot glued the entire bulletin board to the cork once it was all together.
Make a bulletin board with old book pages and vintage sheet music
I love making these so much that I decided to make some smaller ones with vintage sheet music , and vintage book pages.

Vintage sheet music on a bulletin board

I would list my old bulletin board

and this one,

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