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An Old Framed Picture Turned into a Bulletin Board

An old framed picture turned into a bulletin board is a great way to to take old, ugly art and turn it into something useful. Plus, it’s an easy and and pretty way to add organization to your office space. I love using vintage sheet music and book pages to make all kinds of things such as this vintage book page table runner.
VIntage sheet music bulletin board with black painted frame


I had found an old painting on the side of the road, and it wasn’t really my style,  but I did want a way to organize papers and reminders in a pretty way. Making this upcycled DIY  vintage framed picture turning  into a bulletin board was a low cost way to do it. Vintage sheet music can be found at antique stores, thrift stores or flea markets. If you are nervous about using actual old sheet music you own or have bought, make copies on a printer and use those instead.
VIntage ship print framed picture


This art was just a vintage print on cardboard so it’s not a priceless antique or oil painting. I was the perfect surface to use as a backgound. It’s always a good idea to check out any art you find first to make sure it’s not valuable before upcycling it or repurposing it.
Paint vintage frame with black paint
I started by painting the vintage frame with black acrylic paint to give it a fresh look. I wasn’t worried about getting it on the painting since I was going to be repurposing it.
Add hot glue to the back of corkboard sheet



Once the picture frame was paintingI cut a roll of cork to size and then hot glued it right to the picture ( I doubled mine up. It was thin cork.). After gluing on the thin layer of cork, I was ready to add my vintage sheet music.


I laid out my sheet music in the pattern I liked and used double-stick tape to  put the pieces of sheet music together. You could glue these together too, but the music could buckle, so tape seemed like a better option.
Hot glue vintage sheet music to the cork board


I did try hot glue, and while it seemed to stick, it also created a few lumps.  I liked the tape option better.
Vintage sheet music cork board upcycled framed picture
I really love how this turned out. It adds such a pretty touch and even with nothing on it it’s like an art piece. I hope I can stay a little more organized with this DIY cork board made with an old framed picture and vintage sheet music!
VIntage sheet music on a board
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