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China Cabinet into a Display Case Makeover

I finally painted that old china cabinet! In fact, it’s had many many lives. This time I decided to turn the china cabinet into a display case filled with a natural vignette.

China cabinet before. Give it a makeover with paint and door removal.Here it is in it’s natural wood state. Too dark to heavy  and all of the detail gets lost, even though they are beautiful.Remove doors and paint china cabinet to give it a make overWhen I painted it black with the new white walls and added bead board wall paper to the back,  it still felt like the “elephant in the room” because it felt so heavy. I finally decided to take a leap and paint it cream. I thought I was just going to paint it, But once I painted it, I was inspired to move everything around (Imagine that.. oh and it doesn’t help that my hubby who told me “don’t bring any more furniture into the house!” called me on his way to work and said… “I can’t believe I am doing this, but there is this dresser….” :).

China cabinet make over with shelf and door removal and paint.

See in this post how I painted a large free-standing cabinet, made it look old,  and turned it into part of our kitchen cabinetry.

A china cabinet as a side table

So into to the living room! I thought I would do something different with it. I painted it the wall color and removed the shelves, and used it as a side table. It worked well with the lamp inside.

Turn a china cabinet into a display case
I am glad I saved the doors because now I am using the china cabinet as a display case . It’s kind of fun to set up vignettes and I love the natural look with one of my painted bird original acrylic paintings.
vintage locks
I even hung some vintage locks for embellishment. Just something kind of different! I love how light and reflective the repurposed china cabinet is and it has so many purposes.
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  1. Wait hold the phone, did you just say fabulous and then add my name? Something is wrong…did I read that right! {hehe} oh how I love you…and your house, swooning…it all looks so anthropologie and I absolutely love it, I enlarged the photos of course, and the mirrorso on the back wall are splenddi and I love the texture of your sofa and all your little pillows are great! you my dear have a knack for decorating, and creating and painting, and well, I should probably just say that you are FABULOUS!! 🙂 muwahh, see you soon…ahh like tomorrow!

  2. Gosh, I just love your style. Every little thing you do it just keeps getting better and better. Your rooms have so much personality.
    Have a grrrrrrrrreat time at the Farm Chicks Show! Take care.

  3. love it! can’t wait to see the rest. love all your mirrors such a great idea! enjoy farm chicks, wish i was going too! take care, susan

  4. Have fun at The Farm Chicks Show!!
    I am catching up on your blog posts((The Na Da Show oh my)) and was thinking that your post list at the bottom of the page would look so cool printed out and framed in your Home.
    Love it when my Hubby brings home goodies after telling me that my junk shed can hold no more!!!

  5. Looks amazing…. yes down right amazing… I told Tara to have a margarita for me and shop like a crazy chick!!! I’ll be thinking of you all have a great time,

  6. It’s funny but I thought the black was very striking and liked it a lot. I’m seeing more of it in the decorating – but the white is subtle and I do agree that it gives a softer image – that’s more my style. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

  7. I just visited Tara – FABulous is right – totally following her now…

    can’t wait to get together when you get back – I’ll start making the plans man

  8. Jen-
    Love what you did with the cabinet!
    Keep those creative juices flowing—-they’re sure to be on overload after going to Farm Chicks!
    You did such a wonderful job at Na-Da
    and all your work was so enticing.
    Kudos to you!

  9. I’m jealous, BOTH of your attending the Farm Chicks show and of your AWESOME cabinet. I have a hutch and a china cabinet both awaiting transformation at the moment but cannot, for the life of me, decide on a color, so I appreciated you sharing this piece’s progress. Helped me envision my own project, and I love the finished product. Gorgeous!

  10. Jen, I heard via T that you all are going to farm chicks and told her I’m jealous. 🙂 DO have a fab time! Wish I were going to! XXX C

  11. I love it! It looks amazing in the living room, and what a great idea to take out the shelves! And I really like how you put a lamp inside! 🙂

    I hope and KNOW you are having a blast at Farm Chicks! I have never been but really want to go someday! 🙂

    Have a beautiful day!

  12. I love it! I was secretly hoping you’d choose cream…and you did. Just for me, I’m sure. 😉

    Thinking of you at Farm Chicks! Wish I could be there! It ended up being such a blessing we didn’t go. My mom had to have an emergency appendectomy 2 weeks ago, and a week later they got the biopsy results and realized she had colon cancer. She’s just had surgery for it this morning. All that is probably TMI except to say that I’m glad we didn’t go to Farm Chicks after all. HOpe you had a fabulous time!

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