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Entry table make-over how to layer paint for an aged look…..

I finally finished the little entry table that my 3 little chickens base-coated for me on spring break.
I love the look of layered paint. It instantly makes a piece look years older with great depth.
The easiest way to make it look like it’s been around for years is to layer related paint colors.
This was a dark wood table that I started adding layers of paint to. It can be any paint. I prefer flat, but use what’s on hand as long as it’s not gloss.

It had been blue with a second coat of green all over the base. I then added a coat of cream.
 Then a good sanding with a low grit sanding sponge, and finally
a coat light brown glaze and polyacrylic.

I love using the wall color with a glaze. It always “goes” but
looks different enough to stand out.

And of course I always love a good antique knob to add to the look.

It makes it picture perfect !! Too corny? 🙂

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  1. Gorgeous table Jen, but I gotta tell ya, You.Are.Brave! I didn’t even see a drop cloth down on those floors! Ha!

  2. Hi Jen~

    I love how your little table turned out! I also love how you decorated it, and your fern pictures are wonderful! You did an amazing job on them!

    I have never glazed a piece of furniture before~ is is very difficult? It seems like it might be!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  3. your little girlies look like my three did several years ago…all very close in age & with super cute bobs!
    love what you’ve done with the table & all the colors peeking out here & there
    LOVE your fern prints
    is there anything you can’t do?
    did i tell you already….you looked fab at the barn sale…good gracious girl!

  4. I’ll bet they had a ball doing that, sweets. I bet also that they think you’re the best mummy around. LOL ;_)

  5. I think it’s simply lovely….
    Looks like it’s always belonged there with the fern print and accessories.
    You are a fab mom to let your wee
    ones pitch in, too!
    xx P&H

  6. Love the girls painting 🙂
    Thank you for stopping by and your beautiful comment on my signs!!

    I will be back soon.
    PS, All my signs are for sale 🙂


  7. It’s not corny at all it is gorgeous! Looks like you are training your girls well. The fern pictures are wonderful!

  8. I have almost the exact same table! I thought it was identical to mine until I took a closer look. It’s pretty darn close though 🙂

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