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Chocolate Lace Flowers and Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth Bouquet

Summer flower bouquets are some of my favorite. This year I grew flower seeds I had saved myself, and seeds I had also ordered from Floret Flowers in late winter. This year two of the stars of my garden are Chocolate Lace Flowers and Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth. they make for a beautiful bouquet mixed with Cosmos and Coneflowers.

Flower bouquet with chocolate lace flower and love lie bleeding amaranth

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Chocolate Lace Flowers are a hybridvariety of Queen Anne’s Lace. I had planted them last year and the seeds just didn’t germinate. I decided to give them one more try this year, and was so happy I did. This year was success!

Floret Flowers Chocolate Lace Flower

They have the classic Queen Anne’s Lace look with a pretty maroon color on the edges.

Chocolate Lace Flowers and Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth coordinate perfectly in a bouquet together.

Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth

I added coneflowers to continue with the purple and maroon hues in the bouquet. I love building bouquets of summer flowers from the yard, and you can see some flower bouquet recipes here.

Purple coneflower

Cosmos are also another easy flower to add to bouquets. I am always impatient for them because they seem like they take all summer to finally bloom, even when I start them early.

Cosmos and Chololate lace flower

I had a batch of mixed red and pink Cosmos this year that worked perfectly with the Floret  Chocolate Lace Flowers.

Pink Cosmos

When the flowers starts to wilt, I’ll pull them from the bouquet and place them in  a paper bag, so they can keep wilting and release their seeds for planting next year. This technique works really well for Cosmos, Amaranth, Marigolds and Zinnias.

Love lies bleeding and cosmos flower arrangement

I also added a few springs from my Black Knight butterfly bush into the bouquet. The purples, reds and maroons really make a pretty flower arrangement. I love the Amaranth because it’s so easy to grow.

Garden bouquet with Floret Flowers

I love being able to create wild looking bouquets from the yard. I’ll definitely grow both the Chocolate Lace Flowers and Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth again next year.