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How to paint an owl silhouette on burlap art

Hi everyone! I haves fun early-fall project for you today!

I found these amazing burlap panel canvases last week and I knew I wanted to do something fall-ish on them.

Cute owl decor

I had also found this adorable ceramic owl and it inspired me to make a template for this cute white on burlap owl silhouette art piece (The template is at the end of the post if you would like to make one yourself.). I think it was his big eyes that reeled me in. 🙂

It’s really easy and is a fun painting project. You could do this on a pillow too. And I think that kids would also have a fun time with this!

I transferred my image with white water soluble crayon, but the image was really hard to see and I had to go over lines before I could paint. I recommend using white transfer paper instead.

USe a water solutable crazyon for a white transfer if you don't have any transfer paper

After you transfer your image, use white acrylic paint to start filling in the areas you want filled in. I used actual art paint and watered it down just a smidge. And I also ended up doing a second coat after the first one dried.

White acrylic paint on burlap makes a great contrast

Make sure you know the areas you want to keep plain. Once you paint it on there’s no going back. If you end up messing up, just use a second color to cover your mistakes and call it a happy accident.

Painting a white owl on burlap

At this point instead of Hooty McHooters he became Scary Mcpeemypants. Holy crap, keep painting!… He gets better. 🙂

paint a cute owl onn burlap template included

Once the first coat is dry, go over it with a second coat if you think it’s not quite solid enough.Depending on your paint, it could even take a third.

really cute white owl on burlap

Then just let dry! If you want a bit of glitz, when he’s still wet, lightly sprinkle him with glitter. You’ll get a super groovy disco owl.

cute owl and burlap owl art

Such cuteness! They go perfectly together.

Here’s the template if you are ready to attempt one of your own.

Owl template for tracing

Just right click to save it to your computer and print in the size you’d like so you can have your own Hooty McHooters. 🙂

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