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A Rosemary Christmas Tree in a Jar

I love herbs, especially Rosemary. There is something about  having the  fresh green in the deepest, coldest part of winter that really brightens things up. I love to add it’s savory the flavor roast potatoes and it goes so well with carrots too. It’s so versatile! I added it to my Strawberry jam this summer, and I even made Rosemary caramel once and it was awesome. I thought it would be a fun and sweet gift to make a rosemary Christmas tree in a jar. Who doesn’t love something in a mason jar and something green and fresh when it’s winter and cold outside?!
Rosemary planted in a jar for gifting

-This gift idea was so easy to put together! I bought a small rosemary plant from my local grocery store in the fresh section. Sometimes local plant shops will have these too and I notice our Whole Foods has them around Christmas every year. If you buy one of these at the holidays, you can take cuttings and make more rosemary plants!
-Fill the base of the jar with a light weight potting soil. It also helps to add some pebbles at the bottom. Rosemary do not like to have their roots wet. They also don;t like to dry out. So once you transplant them into the jar, keep them evenly moist, but not too wet.
I think I might wrap the jar in burlap as an extra way to make it even cuter.   I think all of the teachers this year are going to get one with a gift card. I am, however, going to  make sure there are directions on re-potting. I would think the jar might get a little swampy after a while even though I put gravel on the bottom for drainage. I don’t know if they want to live in a canning jar full time.


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  1. Hey you ~ our sale for this week just got canceled and I might be looking at some free time. what does your week look like? Is it crazy? Thought maybe you might want to venture over one day?

  2. Wishing you a wonderful week! loving the jar and will be hitting the etsy sites tomorrow !!!!! i have a wish list!!!!

  3. I’ll take one :)) Adorable!! I love it! But I DO NOT love the picture of my large rear end that you put up with those Horton pictures a few posts ago…gad girl, what were you thinking??!!

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  4. where were you able to find rosemary? I love this idea and would love to make these for my friends that cook! Thanks, Jennifer jennsthreegraces

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