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Craft store DIY Christmas tree topper

We needed a new tree topper this year. The metal star we had didn’t make it though last years packing and was a little too mangled to be resuscitated.I looked and looked, but just couldn’t find anything that I liked.

I thought it was a good time to peek around the craft store and find out what I could make for a DIY Christmas tree topper. I wanted to think outside of the box a little bit too.

I ended up finding a wood cut out of the letter “O”,glitter, a Merry Christmas wood cut out,white paint and some faux dogwood blooms, and a spray of glittered sage leaves, from the fake plant aisle. I also found a pretty nest floral pick for some bling at Michaels.

tree topper made with craft store items

I painted the letter O in white craft paint and let it dry.

glitter the wood cut out for the tree topper

Then I glittered the Merry Christmas woodcut and let that dry.

glue glittered piece onto wood cut out

Once both pieces were dry I glued them together and started on adding the florals.add faix dogwood blossoms onto topperI found this beautiful faux dogwood that I thought would add  nice touch.

hot glue faux sage leaves onto wood cut out for tree topper

I used hot glue and started clipping individual leaves off of my sage and started gluing them around the edge, filling in. I decided to make both sides go up instead of a circular pattern. It’s more like  a laurel wreath.

gold birdnest on a tree topper

I added this pretty,sparkly floral pick at the end and used a wire and a embroidery hoop to help it stand on the tree top.

handmade tree topper

I like that it’s not one solid piece and the lights shine through the top.handmade tree topper with craft store elementsI think the cost was about $16, but I did get everything at 40% off.It was nice to have something pretty and natural looking.

I am getting the house together for the holidays! The big,annual holiday house walk is in just a few weeks!!!

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