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Create an Easy Rainbow Mum Bouquet

Mums are such an awesome fall flower! They really deliver the color in when everything is starting to turn a little brown outside. I’ve been very lucky that many of my mums have come back year after year. In our Zone 5a Chicago area, I’ve found it helps to plant them before October 1st, so they have time to develop a deep root system. At $3-$5 a plant, they are a great investment for year to year color. If you want to know how to grow giant mums, see this post here. With all of the different mum colors there are, I thought it would be fun to pull together an easy rainbow mum bouquet!

Create an easy rainbow mum bouquet


It super easy! There are just a few little tips below to keep your mum bouquet looking great as long as possible.

Snip or break off a mum section just above the roots

Start by breaking a full section of mums oof as close to the base as possible. When you cut them it constricts all of the little “straws” that the plant uses to draw up water. You also want to start near the base because it gives you a long stem to work with.

Gather all of your mums in a bouquet shape

Gather all of your mums in a bouquet, making sure the tops are lined up in a rounded mound.

Tie mum bouquet at base

Tie your mum bouquet with a string to keep a round top.

Clean off any leaves that will be below the water line

Pull off any leaves or flowers that are below the string. Any left behind will rot in the water and spoil it faster with bacteria.

Make an easy rainbow mum bouquet

Snap the stems to the same height, and place in a container where the flowers cover the top, and enjoy!

Create a rainbow mum bouquet with different mum colors

I think it’s so pretty. and I love how it has a completely different look from each angle!


Make a fun and easy rainbow mum bouquet step by step

Mums are great ‘rooters” so I might try to see if I can root these for a rainbow mum “plant” for next year, I think that would look so cool!

Create a rainbow mum bouquet

Let me know if you make one of these rainbow mum bouquets. Tag me on Instagram,I would love to see them!