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How to Paint Clouds

I recently did an acrylic painting of black-eyed Susans, and one of the steps involved was painting the background.  While I shared the entire tutorial of how to paint Black-Eyed Susans on the DecoArt blog, I thought I would share How to Paint Clouds here. There is something about painting clouds that is so easy. So,even if you are a newbie painter, you are going to find it fun and easy, with great results!

Painting of Black-eyed Susans by Jennifer Rizzo

Painting clouds is actually fairly easy once you know the technique for layering your paint, and this video will show you how easy it is. The key is also how much white and grey you add. More grey lends to stormier skies, and for a  sunny day go heavier on the white. I also have a supply list below. The right brush makes a huge difference! I also have linked to a few other popular painting tutorials at the end of the post.

 Make sure to pin it so you can remember to check it out later!

How to Paint Clouds and easy tutorial

I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial! You can check out the supply list here (contains affiliate links):

Titanium White Paint

Filbert Brush

Dark Grey Paint

Burnt Umber

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Happy Painting!

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