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Dark Gray Accent Wall Paint Color Inspiration

While light gray  emerged out of a sea of white paint a few years ago as the new neutral; dark gray accent wall paint colors have been slowly making their way into interior design. Dark gray wall paint is one of those colors that looks good with a wide array of accents colors, and wood tones, and it lends a beautiful richness to spaces. While white has been the leading trend for a really long time, because it goes so well with with farmhouse style, boho decor and Mid-century modern with pops of pattern and color such as vintage Kilim and oriental rugs , and dark greys are slowly making their way in as Dark Gray Accent Walls.

Taryn Whiteaker living room dark gray wall paint

Taryn Whiteacker

This last summer, we painted the back accent wall color of our retail store, and some of our display pieces  a dark, rich gray called Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore, and I love how it makes the cinder-block walls look not so prison-y, and the dark color makes everything blend. It really hides a lot of the flaws too ,which is nice in a 60+ year old building.  If you’re thinking about taking that jump to a dark gray wall paint color, the one thing to keep in mind, is that you can use it in an entire room, but that could lead to a cave like feel if the room is on the smaller, or less well-lit side. By using light color accents such as throw pillows ans curtains In smaller space against the dark gray accent wall is really effective as a single an accent wall and makes it so the dark walls don’t seem to heavy . If you’re thinking about taking that leap to the dark side, here are some spaces for inspiration with dark gray wall paint colors.

Evolution of Style Dark gray wall paint bedroom accent wall

Evolution of Style

This bedroom has such a classic look with the upholstered headboard, and beige curtains .It helps the rest of the room not seem so heavy. I love the darker and lighter accent wall idea shown here.

This is our Bliss

The dark accent wall in this charcoal gray living room with the neutral shade of lighter shade of furniture helps bring warmth and sophistication to the room. The yellow mustard accent color of the faux pom pom flowers against the wall are a nice pop of color.

Gray paint colors can have different undertones. While shades of gray with brown undertones will read warm and earthy, blue undertones will read cool. The temperature of the color can give a different ambiance to the mood of the room.

The Collective lhe Makery in Lisle, IL

The dark wall in the shop with the matching cabinets create a nice backdrop for the workshop area especially contrasted with the natural wood wall and lighter shade floor.

Pretty Handy Girl

This bedroom is so super cute with it’s elegant with the warm gray undertone, and plays well with the tan rug.

Feeling brave? Try a black accent wall!

One MIle Home and style dark gray painted wall

One Mile Home and Style

Patterned wallpaper can also lighten up and add fun to a gray bedroom or bathroom and looks good with the dark wood nightstand.

Table and Hearth dark gray baby nursery with accent wall

Table and Hearth

Gray is an awesome color in a nursery since it can be used for any gender, and pairs well as an accent wall with white walls or ceiling. Pastels make great accent colors, and by using the dark gray paint on a planked wall, it adds texture with the light wood furniture and wrought iron crib.

Little house of Four dark gray bedroom makeiver with gray painted accent wall

Little House of Four

In this bedroom, the warm leather cushions creates a casual look, highlighted by the brass with the gray wall and upholstered gray headboard.

The House of Wood dark gray master bedroonm

In The House of Wood, the gray walls are offset by fun pops of color with jewel tones. The White bedding is one of those tricks to add a neutral before adding color.

You can also check out this room, and this room.

So what do you think? Are you just getting into the light gray or white wall phase now, or are you already tired of it, and ready to go bolder, such as a dark gray wall paint accent wall? If you are looking for a light gray wall paint color, Fox Hollow Cottage always picks the best light grays!

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